What are Promoted Accounts?


  • What are Promoted Accounts?
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    Promoted Accounts suggest accounts that people don’t currently follow and may find interesting. Promoted Accounts help introduce an even wider variety of accounts people may enjoy.

  • When should I use Promoted Accounts?
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    Because Promoted Accounts boost your follower growth, they are best used when you would like to be more discoverable to people who are likely to love your business.  Consistently growing your follower base on Twitter will help you achieve the following goals:

    • Drive purchases, leads, downloads, and signups - By choosing to follow you, Twitter users are demonstrating an interest in your product. You have an opportunity to connect with them in meaningful ways to drive actions.
    • Increase brand awareness and word of mouth sharing - When you Tweet valuable content, Twitter makes it easy for your followers to share it with their friends through retweets, driving increase reach and awareness.
    • Drive web traffic - Once you acquire a paid follower you have the opportunity to engage with them everyday, for free, with your organic Tweets. Your followers are the mostly like to see your Tweets and spend time on your website.
  • Where are Promoted Accounts displayed?
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    Promoted accounts are displayed in in multiple locations across the Twitter platform, including Home Timelines, Who to Follow, and search results.

    You may see a Promoted Account listed in these areas if a Promoted Account is relevant to you. 

    As with Promoted Trends and Promoted Tweets, this suggestion is labeled as Promoted to distinguish it from other recommended accounts.

  • What are the profile guidelines for Promoted Accounts?
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    To learn more about our guidelines, please refer to Our Account Profile Guidelines.

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