Create a Website Visits Campaign

Please note that outside of the U.S., the Website Visits objective is named the Website Clicks or Conversions objective. The info below for the Website Visits objective also applies to the Website Clicks or Conversions objective in these other markets.


  • What is a website visits campaign?
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    Website visits campaigns are optimized to drive traffic to your website from targeted users. These campaigns allow you to feature your website content within a Tweet in a way that is designed to maximize click-throughs to your website.


  • Setting up your website visits campaign
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    First, log in to your Twitter Ads account. Select Create new campaign and choose the Website visits option from the new campaign dropdown.

    Then, take the following steps to create your campaign:

    Step 1: Name your campaign and set your campaign dates

    Give your campaign a name. We suggest something something related to the specific audience you’re targeting so that you can easily distinguish between other campaigns you create in the future.

    Enter your campaign start and end dates. For steady, consistent campaign activity, we recommend selecting the option to “Start immediately, run continuously.”  For specifically flighted campaigns, set your start and end dates.

    Step 2: Choose your audience profile

    Choose your audience profile by selecting the location, age, gender and platforms you’d like to include in your campaign targeting.  We’ll narrow down the targetable audience based on your inputs in this section.

    Step 3: Choose your targeting

    There are several ways to target your Website visits campaign:


    Keyword targeting allows you to reach the users that have shown interest in a particular keyword, either by engaging with tweets that contain that keyword or searching for the keyword.  Learn more about keyword targeting.

    Interests and follower targeting

    Interest and follower targeting allows you to target users interested in particular interest categories or accounts.  Learn more about interest and follower targeting.

    Tailored Audiences

    Tailored audiences allow you (or an authorized third party) to target your campaign to Twitter users based on past visitors to your website, email addresses and other data from your CRM database, or lists of Twitter IDs. Learn more about tailored audiences.

    Step 4: Choose where your promoted Tweets will show

    By default for new campaigns, your Tweets will serve to Twitter user timelines, user profiles, and on the Twitter Audience Platform. To modify this, uncheck the “Expand your reach on the Twitter Audience Platform” section of the campaign form.

    Step 5: Set your budgets and maximum bid

    Set a total budget for your campaign and your daily maximum spend. You will never spend more than your total campaign budget, and on any given day you will never spend more than your daily maximum.

    Set your maximum bid based on the business value you associate with each link click on your advertisement. You will be charged each time someone clicks on your advertisement.  

    Your cost per engagement on Twitter is set by a second-price auction among other advertisers, and you’ll only ever pay slightly more than the next highest bidder. If you’re not sure what to bid, use the Suggested bid to make sure your campaign gains impressions. For more information, please see our Bidding and Auctions FAQ.

    Step 6: Create your ad

    Create your advertisement by either selecting an existing Tweet that you’ve created or creating a new Tweet.  We also recommend using a Website Card, a rich ad format, within your Tweet.  Be sure to follow our creative specifications when creating the card.

    Step 7: Save and launch your campaign

    Click the Save campaign button. You will then be provided three options to Launch campaign, Save as draft and exit, or Modify details.

    Once you are ready, click Launch campaign to begin your campaign. If you set a specific start date, your campaign will start running on the date and time you selected.


  • Frequently Asked Questions
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    Will the campaign work on mobile and desktop?

    Your campaign will work on both mobile and desktop. The displays will be slightly different for each individual device.

    How can I track the performance of my website visits campaign?

    Navigate to and find your campaign to view detailed analytics about the campaign’s performance.

    Should the “Link Clicks” reported in the Twitter analytics match Site Visits from analytics software like Google Analytics?

    Not necessarily.  In the Twitter Campaign Dashboard, we are reporting on the number of times a Twitter user clicks on a link or the advertiser’s Website Card.  This is logged as soon as the click action happens.

    In third party analytics platforms, you will receive reporting on the number of times that unique users landed on your webpage and stayed long enough for the page to load completely (triggering their analytics tracking code.)  

    This means there will be a difference between the two numbers you are seeing.  


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