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Reach campaigns increase a brand's awareness by getting as many people to see your ad as possible. Tweet impressions are the only thing you pay for, but people are also likely to follow, Retweet you, and visit your website after discovering your Tweets.

Watch this video for an overview on how to set up a Reach campaign on Twitter:

Setting up your reach campaign

  1. Log into your Twitter Ads account
  2. Click "Create campaign" in the top right corner of your Ads Manager
  3. Choose "Reach" from the list of campaign objectives
  4. You'll be brought to the "Details" tab the campaign setup form. Here, you will name your campaign, choose your funding source, and set campaign dates and budget
  5. Next, you'll setup your first ad group. You can also set your ad group start and end time
  6. Select one of the two available Ad group goals: 
    • Maximum reach (recommended): this option will maximize the unique reach of your campaign. Choose this option if you're looking to reach the widest audience possible (within your targeting parameters)
    • Reach with engagement: this option will seek to maximize the reach of your campaign while still maintaining engagements
  7. Select the bid type you'd like to use in your campaign:
    • Automatic bid (recommended): your bid will auto-optimize to get the best results at the lowest price (within your budget). Automatic bid is the easiest way to quickly get your campaigns live and serving impressions on the platform
    • Target cost: you can name the bid you’d like to pay per 1,000 Tweet impressions. Your campaign will then auto-optimize your bids to achieve a daily average cost that meets or beats your target. You will pay the actual average cost for 1,000 impressions during the day. If you change your bid over the course of a day, it will average to the highest target cost you set
  8. For Reach campaigns, your ‘Pay by’ metric will default to “Impression”.
  9. Select the audience you'd like your ads to serve to in the "Targeting" tab. Learn more about our targeting options
  10. Choose the Tweets you'd like in your campaign. You can also customize the Twitter locations you'd like your Tweets to serve on this step
  11. Review your final campaign setup on the "Review & Complete" tab. If you'd like to add additional ad groups to your campaign, you can do so here
  12. Launch your reach campaign!

Serving your reach campaign


Tweets in reach campaigns are served in a number of locations:

  • Home timelines. Reach campaigns may be visible within someone's timeline if an advertiser has promoted a Tweet that is relevant to that person.
  • Profiles and Tweet detail pages. When someone you targeted visits a Twitter profile or Tweet detail page, they may be eligible to be served your impression.
  • At the top of relevant search results pages on (optional). Reach campaigns from our advertising partners are called out at the top of some search results pages on and through select ecosystem partners.

The first two options are required serving locations for reach campaigns, however you can customize whether you want your Tweets to appear in search results. 


Viewing your results

Navigate to your Ads Manager to see your results. Filter the date range in the top right corner to see key metrics such as total spendresults (1,000 impressions), cost per result (cost per 1,000 impressions), and result rate.

An impression is anytime your ad is shown to someone on


Frequently asked questions

Why should I use a reach campaign?

The reach campaign objective is designed to maximize the unique reach of your Tweets. Choosing this campaign is the perfect way to drive overall awareness for your brand among a wide audience, while still being able to control the cost-per-impression. You'll have the option to choose between optimizing purely for unique reach, or reach with engagements. This objective also offers no targeting or creative restrictions. 

When should I use a reach campaign?

Tweet impressions are the only thing you pay for. But because the reach objective puts your Twitter presence in the spotlight, you could acquire followers, website visits, likes, and Retweets too. Because of this, we recommend the reach objective as your "always-on" Twitter solution, or the starter campaign for when your goals are more general. Choose this objective if you're looking to drive general brand awareness.

If your main measure of success is engagements or video views, we recommend you run campaigns under those objectives.

What types of Tweets can I use in a reach campaign?

There are no technical limitations on the Tweet types you can use in the reach objective. However, if you're running video creative, you may achieve lower video view rates than with a video views campaign. Check out our specs page to see all available Tweet types. 

Remember, no matter what type of Tweet you use, you'll always be charged for every 1,000 Tweet impressions in this campaign objective.

All advertisers and their Promoted Ads content must comply with our Twitter Ads policies

How much does a reach campaign cost?

Twitter’s cost-per-action pricing ensures you only pay for the specific actions you are looking to drive. 

When you run a reach campaign, you will only be charged for every 1,000 Tweet impressions you acquire from that campaign. Any Tweet engagements that occur as a result of these impressions are free.

The cost you pay per 1,000 Tweet impressions depends on the budget and bid you set for your campaign, as well as the targeting you select. You'll receive real-time bid guidance based on your targeting in your campaign setup. More on Twitter Ads pricing.


When setting up your reach campaign, you can select between automatic or target cost as your bid type. We suggest selecting target bid since this will give you the flexibility to successfully bid on 1,000 impressions from users who fit your targeting criteria, while staying near or below your target costs per 1,000 impressions. When you set up your campaign and input your bid, think of your target bid as how much you're willing to pay for every 1,000 impressions.

It's important to think carefully about the value every 1,000 Tweet impressions bring to your business and brand awareness. The recommended bid is a good indicator of the amount you will need to bid for your campaign to reach its goal. You will never be charged more than your bid and advertisers are often charged less. However if your bid is not competitive relative to other advertisers, your campaign may not serve.

In addition to controlling the amount you pay per action, you also have complete control over the amount you spend overall. After setting your bid, you're prompted to enter a total budget for the campaign and an optional daily budget. When your overall budget is reached, your campaign will stop serving until you increase your budget. When your daily budget is reached, your campaign will stop serving until the next day. 



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