Installed app category targeting


  • What is installed app category targeting?
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    Installed app category targeting enables you to reach new users and drive cost-effective campaigns by targeting users based on the categories of apps they have installed or in which we think they have interest. Additionally, with this new enhancement you will be able to see reporting segmented by installed app category for all app campaigns. This targeting option and the corresponding reporting is currently available on all campaigns with the “app installs or engagements” objective.

  • How does installed app category targeting work?
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    Twitter uses a variety of signals to determine whether a user should be targeted as part of a campaign with installed app category targeting enabled. This includes information about the apps that a user has on their device through Twitter’s app graph. Additionally, we use other signals about the categories of apps we think a user will be interested in based on their behavior on Twitter. For more information on the information we collect through app graph and the options that users have, please reference this Help Center article

  • Can targeting options be added to installed app category targeted campaigns?
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    Yes. For example, you may overlay gender, device, language or geo-targeting to installed app category targeted campaigns. As with any targeting type, more granular targeting can result in lower volume for your campaigns. To increase volume, you can select the “Expand reach by targeting similar users” option which enables lookalike modeling to expand your scale. You can test multiple campaigns targeted to multiple installed app categories to reach the right targeting and scale mix for your campaigns.

  • Where is installed app category targeting available?
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    This feature is available in all regions globally. You can use this targeting type to target users in any geographic market. This targeting option is available on campaigns with the “app installs or engagements” objective.

  • How are app categories selected?
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    App categories for targeting mirror the IOS app store and Google Play store app categories. Categories can be searched, browsed, and selected through the targeting section of your campaign setup form. In order to select these app categories (either IOS, Android, or both) device targeting with the appropriate OS must also be enabled.

    Search or browse for the categories you wish to target

  • What does installed app category targeting reporting app campaigns look like?
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    Installed app category reporting is available for all “App install or engagement” objective campaigns, even if a campaign is not using installed app category targeting. Reporting can be found by filtering your campaigns from “All objectives” to “App campaigns” and then the “Installed App Categories” segmentation option will be available in the analytics.

    A great way to identify new categories to target is to review reporting for existing campaigns with the App install or engagements objective. Use reporting by installed app category targeting to gain new insights or to identify new high-performing categories to target for future campaigns. 

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