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  • What is the audience insights dashboard?
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    Knowing your audience enables you to focus your content and better connect with the people that matter to your business. Twitter’s audience insights dashboard provides you with a real-time look at the people that are most relevant to you, such as your followers or people who have engaged with your Tweets.

    Learn about your audience’s demographics, interests, lifestyle, and purchase behaviors — and leverage these insights to create the most relevant messages and help you identify new audiences to reach out to.

  • How to access the audience insights dashboard
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     From the Analytics dropdown on, select Audience insights.

    You can also access the Audience insights dashboard via by selecting Followers.

  • How it works
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    Selecting an audience

    To select an audience, click on the audience segment button and from the drop down, select an audience that you would like more information on.

    You can also compare two audience segments by clicking the +Add comparison audience.

    The following audience segments are available to choose from:

    • All Twitter users in the US
    • Your followers
    • Your organic audience: users who have viewed or engaged with your organic Tweets

    There are five tabs on the audience insights dashboard that cover the following types of information about a given audience segment. Hover over a category to learn more about it.


    • Interests - Top interest for users (e.g.: music, business, politics)
    • Occupation - job categories for each user
    • Consumer buying styles - user buying preferences
    • Wireless carrier - top wireless carriers for your audience
    • Gender
    • Household income categories - estimated household income for your audience
    • Net worth - estimated total net worth of your audience
    • Marital status
    • Highest level of education completed


    • Gender
    • Language
    • Geography (country, region)
    • Marital status
    • Occupation
    • Highest level of education completed
    • Household income categories
    • Net worth
    • Home value
    • Home type


    • Interests
    • TV genres
    • Charitable donation categories

    Consumer behavior

    • Aftermarket auto buyer types
    • Consumer buying styles
    • Consumer goods purchases
    • Credit card holders - type of credit cards owned by your audience

    Mobile footprint

    • Wireless carrier
    • Device categories 
  • FAQ
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    Where is the data for each audience pulled from?

    The data comes from user-supplied data, app-supplied data, Twitter internal models, and partner data.

    What is a match rate?

    This is the percentage of users in the audience who were matched to a partner audience data set.

    How recent is the data? How frequently is it updated?

    Audience insights are currently updated once per day to include the last 7 days of data for any segment.

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