Aggregated Measurement

  • Implemented Twitter Website Tag (Universal Website Tag or Single Event Tag) 
  • Set up Site Visit Conversion Event 
How to use this successfully: 
  • Aggregated Event Measurement limits the number of ad groups per ad account. Advertisers will need to run fewer than 256 ad groups per ad account to ensure proper tracking of their conversion events.
Reporting Capabilities:
  • Attributable conversions are applied within Twitter Ads Manager Reporting. 
  • Aggregate level metrics by Ad Group, campaign level, device type (iOS or Android), and placement-level breakdowns are available. 
  • Ad-level reporting is not available due to maintaining user privacy protection.
    • This means that conversion totals for an ad-level report may be lower than conversion totals for an ad group-level report.

  • If advertisers try to run more than 256 ad active groups they will receive an error message within Ads Manager that they will need to remove ad groups in order to see aggregated measurement. 

  • Why is there a limit? This is protection we've built into our solution for stronger privacy for users.
  • What is the definition of an active ad group? This includes: “Running,” “Scheduled,” and “Exhausted” campaigns.
  • What is excluded from counting as an “active” ad groups? 
    • This excludes “Draft,” “Deleted,” “Paused” and “Expired.” These items do not count as an active ad group. 
  • What if I receive an alert that I tried to go over 256 ad groups? 
    • Advertisers will not be able to create more than 256 ad groups regardless of campaign or buying objective. 
    • When trying to create the 257th ad group, they will receive an error message and will be directed to delete or pause an existing ad group.

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