Political Campaigning Advertising Policy FAQs

Answers below apply to Australia, Canada, EU Parliamentary elections, India, and the United States.


Who does the policy apply to?

The policy varies across markets but generally applies to ads that advocate for or against a candidate or political party, or ads by candidates and/or entities registered with their respective electoral commission.

Does the policy apply to individuals currently in office?

The policy only applies to individuals in office if they are also candidates in a general election, or if they advocate for/against a candidate or political party. See country-specific policies for additional detail.

Does the political campaigning policy apply to issue advocacy advertising?

No, we distinguish between campaigning and issue advocacy ads. Issue advocacy is allowed globally except in France. In the US, advertisers must get certified and meet additional criteria.

Does the policy apply to news publishers?

No, the policy does not apply to news publishers unless they explicitly advocate for or against a candidate running for general election. 

Do ads that only 'refer' to current candidates fall under the political campaigning policy?

No, only ads that ‘advocate’ for candidates. In the US only, ads that ‘refer’ to candidates fall under the issue ads policy and must get certified.

Are there payment restrictions for political campaigning advertisers?

Yes. Political campaigning advertisers in Australia, Canada, India and United States are prohibited from using foreign payment methods. For EU Political campaigning advertisers, payment methods are allowed only in currencies from EU member countries where political campaigning is permitted.

What promoted products and ad units do political campaigning advertisers have access to?

Political campaigning ads may only be promoted via the use of Promoted Tweets and In-Stream Video Ads; no other Twitter advertising products or units are permitted including, but not limited to, Promoted Trends, First View, Spotlight, or custom emojis. This restriction applies to all political campaigning advertisers per Twitter's global Political Content Policy.

What information is shown in the Ads Transparency Center for political campaigning advertisers?

The Ads Transperncy Center shows billing information, spend, and impression data per Tweet and campaign disclaimers and demographic targeting data --both intended by the advertiser and actually delivered by Twitter-- per campaign. For more information see the ATC FAQs.



Why is Twitter requiring certification?

Certification allows Twitter to validate an advertiser’s identity and location and provide additional transparency for political campaigning ads.

Do I need to go through the certification process?

If you are an advertiser running ads for US federal elections, Canadian federal elections, EU Parliamentary elections, or general elections in India or Australia, you need to get certified. You can consult individual policies here

Do I need a new @username to apply for certification?

No, you can apply from existing accounts when applying for certification. Twitter will not create a new @username on your behalf.

Do I need an ads account to apply for certification?

Yes, to access the Ads Help Form you need to create an ads account. Currently, this link is only available to @usernames that have an ads account. Visit ads.twitter.com to create an ads account.

What are the eligibility criteria for submitted @usernames?

The @username(s) you submit for certification must comply with additional requirements. Make sure all submitted @usernames comply with the following:

  • Profile photo, header photo, and website must be consistent with the @username’s online presence.

  • Bio must include a website that provides valid contact info.*
  • If @username name is not related to the certified entity, the bio must include the following disclaimer: "Owned by [certified entity name]".

I recieved a letter, now what?

Follow the instructions on the letter to proceed with the certification process.

I did not recieve a letter, what do I do?

If you do not receive a letter after 10 days, please let us know by responding to the confirmation email from Twitter Support. Note that political campaigning advertisers in India will not receive a letter.

What happens after I am certified?

Twitter will create a dedicated ads account for you to promote political campaigning content. Please do not rename or delete this account as you will need to get certified again. Once you agree to the updated Terms of Service, you Twitter account will appear in the ATC political advertisers list under the corresponding country.  

Where do I add disclaimer information?

When you run a new campaign from your political ads account, you will be prompted to fill out ‘paid for by’ information. Disclaimers must not be misleading and match website or certification application.

Why is the political badge and disclaimer information in American English?

All political campaigning ads from certified accounts display a ‘Promoted (political)’ badge and disclaimer information in American English for global consistency. The ‘paid for by’ and ‘authorized/not authorized’ text is default and advertisers fill out details corresponding to each campaign.

I’ve completed the certification process, how do I add new @usernames?

Advertisers must be logged into the @username they wish to apply for and submit a new certification application.

Can I use my Twitter Promote Mode account to run political campaigning ads?

No, all political campaigning ads must come from the dedicated ads account.

If I’m a certified candidate, will all my Promoted Tweets show a badge and disclaimer information?

Yes. If you are a candidate running for a general election in supported countries you must always use your dedicated political campaigning ads account and all your Promoted Tweets will display a ‘Promoted (political) badge, disclaimer information, and show in the Ads Transprency Center indefinetly.

What happens if I do not get certified?

All political campaigning ads targeting the US, EU, India, and Australia from non-certified accounts will be halted.

How is Twitter using my data?

The information provided during the certification process will be used for this sole purpose only. Once Twitter confirms its validity, submitted data and attachments will be deleted within 6 days. If you do not complete the process and wish your data to be deleted you can reply to the Ad Support email indicating your desire to do so. 


If I am certified, why has my campaign been automatically halted?

Campaigns that target a country where political campaigning is prohibited will be automatically halted.

When will enforcement for Australia, India, and EU Parliamentary elections begin?

Policy enforcement began March 11th 2019.

Answers below are country/region specific.


Who does the political campaigning policy apply to?

Australia’s policy applies to ads purchased by a political party, candidate, or entity registered with the Australian Election Commission, or ads that advocate for or against a clearly identified candidate or party for Australian general elections.

If my photo-ID does not have an address, why do I have to submit a utility bill? 

The utility bill will be used to verify the address provided. The location of the advertiser will be confirmed by sending a letter with a code to the provided address. 

What utility bills are accepted? 

Electricity, gas, or water utility bills, not older than 3 months, are accepted.



Who does the political content policy apply to?

Canada’s policy applies to ads purchased by a political party, candidate, or third party registered with Elections Canada, ads that advocate for or against a party or the election of a candidate registered with Elections Canada or ads that advocate on an issue associated with a party or candidate registered with Elections Canada during an election period. 

What types of ads do not fall under this policy? 

Ads that refer to an editorial, a debate, a speech, an interview, a column, a letter, a commentary or news and ads that encourage voters to register and/or vote without referencing any party, candidate, or issue will not be considered political content ads.   

What happens during electoral silence period?

Electoral silence (blackout period) have specific requirements in Canada. Political content advertisers must comply with applicable laws regarding blackout dates where they advertise. 

I am a candidate/political party/third party registered with Elections Canada. My registration proof is in French, do I need to translate it? 

We accept candidate registrations as submitted to Elections Canada. 


European Union

Who does the political campaigning policy apply to?

The EU policy applies to ads purchased by a European or national political party or candidate registered with the corresponding national electoral authorities; or ads advocating for or against a clearly identified candidate or party for European elections.

Which elections does the EU policy cover?

The EU policy only covers EU Parliamentary elections. Only political campaigning ads for EU Parliamentary elections must meet additional eligibility requirements and apply for certification.

Do political campaigning advertisers from the UK need to get certified to run political campaigning ads?

Yes, as of May 13, 2019, political campaigning advertisers targeting the UK must get certified.

What happens during electoral silence periods?
Electoral silence (blackout periods) have different requirements across the EU Member States. Political content advertisers must comply with applicable laws regarding blackout dates for the countries where they advertise.

I am a candidate for EU Parliamentary elections. Should I translate my candidate registration proof?
We accept candidate registration proofs, as submitted to the corresponding national electoral authority, in any EU official language.  

Why is my country not listed in the Ads Help Form among the EU Member States?

Political campaigning ads are prohibited in Cyprus, France, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania and Portugal.

What are the eligibility criteria for submitted @usernames?

In addition to the criteria listed in the certification section above, political parties and MEP candidates should indicate their European Political Party affiliation in their Twitter bio.

Is issue advocacy advertising allowed in the EU?

Issue advocacy advertising is allowed in the EU with the exception of France.

My account is certified for political campaigning for the EU Parliamentary elections. Do I need to get certified again to advertise political content for national elections?
The policy and certification process applies to EU Parliamentary elections only. There are no additional requirements for political campaigning ads for European national elections.

Can I report billing information shown in the ATC?

If you are located in the European Union or EFTA States and you wish to raise a concern about our use of your billing information in the Ads Transparency Center, you can confidentially contact Twitter’s Data Protection Officer here.

Can I use tailored audiences as a political campaigning advertiser?

Tailored audiences are not supported for EU political campaigning advertisers.

Can I advertise political content in any European language?

Managed advertisers on Twitter may promote content in any European language. If you are a self-served advertiser you can find the list of supported languages here.


Who does the political campaigning policy apply to?

India’s policy applies to ads purchased by a political party or candidate registered with the Election Commission of India, or ads that advocate for or against a clearly identified candidate or party for Indian general elections.

My account has already been certified for political campaigning and I want to submit government pre-certificates. Where do I upload them?

You can upload the additional pre-certificates in the Ads Help Form under the political advertiser certification section, and select “I am already certified by Twitter and want to submit government precertification”.

For organizations not registered with the ECI, what bills are accepted?

Utility bills or bank or credit card statements in the name of the business, not older than 3 months, are accepted.

What happens during the electoral silence periods?

Political content advertisers must comply with applicable laws regarding electoral silence in India. Twitter has a process which prevents all certified political advertisers from advertising during each of the 48-hour silence periods.

Why are ads from Indian political advertisers not showing in the Ads Transparency Center?

During electoral silence periods, users will not be able to see any ads from any certified political advertisers on the Ads Transparency Center but the following message instead: "This Tweet is not available because it includes content that violated Twitter Ads Policies".

This message is automatically generated and does not necessarily convey that the Tweet is in violation of our Ads Policies. The message will automatically disappear at the end of the electoral silence period and the Tweets should be visible on the Ads Transparency Center again.


United States

Who does the political campaigning policy apply to?

The US policy applies to advertisers who are either committees or candidates registered with the Federal Election Commission (FEC), or organizations or individuals advocating for or against a clearly identified candidate. Note that this policy only applies to promoted content related to federal elections.

Do I need to appear before a notary?

Organizations not registered with the FEC and individuals must appear before a notary. This requirement does not apply to candidates or committees registered with the FEC.

What documents do I need to get notarized?

Organizations and individuals not registered with the FEC will be prompted to download a form and sign it in the presence of a notary. All individuals appearing before the notary must present a US passport as a form of ID.

What do I do with the notarized form?

Upload all pages in a single document to the Ads Help Form under the Political Advertiser Certification section.

If I am only running ads for local elections, do I need to get certified?

Local election political campaigning ads are covered under the Issue Advocacy ads policy. You can apply for certification through the Ads Help Form under Issue Advertiser Certification.

What if I am certified and want to run non-federal political campaigning ads?

If you are already certified you should apply to get certified as an issue advertiser in the Ads Help Form through the  “I am already certified as a Political advertiser and want to add more @usernames to run ads” section and select “Issue Ads”.

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