Commerce Policies

If you choose to participate in our Buy Now program, you are required to adhere to the Commerce Policy as outlined below.

You must also comply with:

  1. Twitter’s Terms of Service, our Privacy Policy, the Twitter Rules and all incorporated policies

  2. Twitter Ads Policies, if you use Promoted Tweets to promote your Buy Now products

    • Note that if the Ads Policies permit something that is prohibited by the Commerce Policy (or vice versa), it’s still prohibited

  3. All applicable laws and regulations (including laws and regulations with regards to promoting and/or selling adult-oriented content or products to minors).

If you fail to comply, we reserve the right to take appropriate action including but not limited to removal of the applicable content and/or removal of access to the Buy Now program.

We may update these policies from time to time. Please note it is your responsibility to keep up to date with these policies.

If you have any questions about this policies please contact your Twitter Account Team.



  • Prohibited Content
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    Sale of goods and services that contain the following content, or that promote the following categories of products or services are prohibited:

    • Adult or sexual products and services  

      • Sexual content or content adult in nature (e.g. products with adult/pornographic content, nudity, escort or prostitution services, marriage broker services, sex toys)

      • Images of people or representations of people that display sexual body parts are not permitted

    • Alcohol

      • Online sale of alcohol and branding

    • Copyright/Trademarked goods

      • Content or merchandise that contains images or content that infringes on the copyright or trademark rights of their respective owners

      • Images or content that infringes on the copyright or trademark rights of their respective owners

    • Counterfeit goods

      • Goods that attempt to deceive consumers into believing the counterfeit is a genuine product of the brand owner, or to represent themselves as faux, replicas or imitations of the genuine product

    • Donations

      • Monetary donations; however;

        • Donating proceeds from the sale of goods is permitted through the Buy Now program

        • Donations from charities and nonprofit organizations with valid 501(c)(3) tax exempt status are permitted through the Twitter Donations card only

    • Drugs and drug paraphernalia

      • The sale or promotion of drugs and drug paraphernalia including drugs that are generally illegal globally, as well as some products that may be legal in some countries

      • Language encouraging illegal drug use

    • Editorial

      • Misleading and/or deceptive content regarding the item for sale, including but not limited to:

        • Image that does not contain the product being offered for sale

        • Product description does not describe the item for sale

        • Tweet copy does not relate to the merchandise for sale

    • Endangered species products

      • Products obtained or made from endangered, threatened or protected species, as well as the sale of such species

    • Financial products and services

      • Bail bonds

      • Checking cashing, wire transfers, or money orders

      • Collection agencies

      • Credit card and identity theft protection

      • Credit counseling, repair or protection

      • Currency exchange, trading and related services

      • For-profit mortgage assistance relief services, including foreclosure prevention services

      • Free credit reports tied to a recurring subscription services

      • Investment services including advice and opportunities

      • Money transmitters or money service businesses

      • Offers to increase wealth, prevent foreclosure or avoid bankruptcy, including Bankruptcy lawyers

      • Real estate purchases

      • Replica paper money

      • Securities/stock trading and brokerage services

      • Short term loans

      • Virtual currency that can be used outside the virtual world, including being converted to physical or digital products or services

    • Gambling content

      • Products and services that facilitate gambling including gambling-related software, lottery tickets, sports betting, and goods/services that are redeemable by engaging in gambling activity

    • Hate, sensitive content, and violence

      • Promoting or advocating against protected groups based on race, ethnicity, national origin, color, religion, disability, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or veteran status

      • Promoting violence against people or animals

      • Promoting organizations or individuals that promote hate, criminal or terrorist-related content

      • Inflammatory content, particularly of a religious nature

    • Health and pharmaceutical products and services

      • Prescription drugs, OTC drugs, vitamins, health supplements, dietary supplements that contain anabolic steroids or are marketed as containing steroid-like substances.

      • Prescription medical devices, medical devices intended for use by health professionals only, and Class II or Class III medical devices as defined by the FDA

      • Penis enlargement and breast enhancement products or services

      • Goods and services claiming to cure incurable disease or conditions

      • Images or text that encourages abuse of prescription drugs or steroids

    • Illegal products and services

      • Products and services that are considered illegal in targeted countries or regions

    • Miscellaneous products and services

      • Age verification services

      • Chain letters

      • Flea markets

      • Personal computer technical support

      • Prepaid phone cards, prepaid phone services, or prepaid cell phones

      • Psychic services

      • Telecommunications equipment and telephone sales

      • Sale of virtual world credits or video game credits

    • Profanity

      • The use of profanity in text and images is prohibited unless the profanity is obscured (e.g. use of asterisks or other symbols to replace letters, blurred out words)

    • Recalled products

      • Products that have been recalled from the market for defects, safety issues, or any other reasons

    • Spyware & illegal hacking products and services

      • Products that enable access illegally or without authorization to computers, accounts, networks, and phones, etc.

      • Software and tools used to illegally hack protected media or bypass digital content management systems

    • Tobacco and tobacco accessories

      • Tobacco, cigarettes including alternatives such as electronic cigarettes, cigars, tobacco pipes, rolling papers, hookahs

    • Trade restricted products and services

      • Goods and services sold by individuals identified on OFAC’s list of Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons, and businesses and individuals subject to U.S. trade sanctions and other U.S. trade restrictions

    • Travel services

      • Hotel, flight, cruise and car reservations and packages, travel clubs, timeshares, etc

    • Unacceptable business practices

      • Health Scams

      • Financial Scams (Get rich quick products/services, pyramid schemes, loan modifications, penny stocks)

      • Selling social media activity, such as Twitter followers, Facebook likes, or YouTube views

      • Telemarketing

      • Counterfeit tickets or reselling tickets for sporting or other events without prior authorization.

    • Used goods

      • Vehicles

      • Individual sale of used clothing

        • The sale of used clothing by retailers (consignment, vintage, etc.) is permitted

      • Retailers of used goods must follow all applicable laws and regulations surrounding international import and export

      • All used merchandise must be categorized as one of the following:

        • Like New: The item is in the same condition as it was when purchased. Original packaging intact and unblemished. No wear on the item or packaging. All original components remain, including instructions

        • Very Good: The item has been used minimally and remains in perfect physical and working conditions. All original components remain, including instructions

        • Good: The item has been used and shows signs of wear, but remains in perfect working condition

      • Items originally distributed as promotional, sample, bundle, advanced reading copy, or other similar categories may not be sold through Twitter Buy Now

      • Merchandise must be listed with a photo of the actual item for sale and can in no way mislead the buyer about the item or its condition. Stock photos may only be used if clearly labeled as such

    • Weapons and weapon accessories

      • Guns, ammunition, fireworks, knives and related accessories that could be used to inflict harm

      • Graphic images and text advocating the use of weapons to harm/kill
  • Fraud and Disputes Policy
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    The below policy covers Merchant responsibility in the event of fraudulent transactions and customer disputes:

    • Fraudulent Transactions

      • Twitter will occasionally reject orders when it has reason to suspect unauthorized or fraudulent transactions

      • It is ultimately the merchant’s responsibility to review all transactions for fraud and to verify suspicious orders  At the minimum, the merchant should investigate instances of: AVS or CVV failures, multiple orders with the same shipping address but different emails or billing zip codes, billing and shipping zip code mismatch, and orders with high dollar amounts.

    • Fraudulent Transactions

      • Twitter will communicate to its users that the Twitter Buy Now program only facilitates orders between the customer and the merchant, and all disputes should be directed to the merchant

      • In the case of a customer dispute, the merchant is responsible for responding in a timely and effective manner. Failure to resolve disputes or an excessive amount of disputes may result in termination from the program.

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