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Twitter restricts the promotion of and requires advertiser certification for ads that educate, raise awareness, and/or call for people to take action in connection with civic engagement, economic growth, environmental stewardship, or social equity causes. 

Core Values

Advertising that uses micro-targeting presents entirely new challenges to civic discourse that are not yet fully understood.
Advertising should not be used to drive specific political, judicial, legislative, or regulatory outcomes; however, cause-
based advertising can facilitate public conversation around important topics.


Government and supranational agencies and entities may utilize gender, age, and language targeting. We do not allow ads
of any type by candidates, political parties, or elected or appointed government officials. For US, PACs, Super PACs,
501(c)(4)s (unless you have a (c)(3)).


Content Restrictions

Ads may not be run on behalf of or specifically reference people nor entities who are prohibited from advertising under our Political Content policy.

Targeting Restrictions

Geo-targeting: may only happen at the state, province, or region level and above. Zipcode level targeting is not allowed. 

Keyword and interest targeting are the ONLY targeting parameters allowed: may not include terms associated with political content, prohibited advertisers, or political leanings or affiliations (e.g., “conservative,” “liberal,” “political elections,” etc.).

Landing Page

An ad’s landing page must not be directly linked to or reference people or entities who are prohibited from advertising under our Political Content policy.

For Profit Organisation`s

Cause-based ads by for-profit organizations should not have the primary goal of driving political, judicial, legislative, or
regulatory outcomes
; and ads must be tied to the organization’s publicly stated values, principles, and/or beliefs.

Cause-based certification process

Advertiser submits a certification request — ensure you are logged in from the advertiser @username you would like to certify to promote cause-based ads.

Advertiser receives automatic response. This email will go to the email address associated with the Twitter account of the @username you are certifying. This will include your case number, please keep for your records. 

If all eligibility requirements are met, the advertiser will be certified within 48 hours.

Advertiser receives an email confirming they are certified to run cause based ads on Twitter.
*Cause certification does not result in the creation of a new ads dashboard.

DISCLAIMER: The information provided in this document does not, and is not intended to, constitute either legal advice, or binding guidance on the enforcement of Twitter policies, and is only for general informational purposes. Please also note that the Twitter policies mentioned in this document are subject to change. Please visit Twitter's Ads Policies and
Cause-Based Advertising
to access the current version of the policies and requirements.

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