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Make sure your profile and account are in top form:

  1. Your profile picture. Is your profile picture recognizable? Does it represent your business? Change these settings here.

  2. Your bio. Make sure to include the name of your business, location and website URL. Also, explain what you do in a clear and informative way.

  3. Your header/background. Both are customizable. Use these to showcase the personality of your business.

Go to the business settings page so you can get support indicators and the message button.


  • What are support indicators?
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    Support indicators - Indicate that you provide support on places where people are seeking your profile to engage with you and display hours of availability on your profile to help people find the right account and set their expectations of when to expect a response. These features can be enabled on accounts that accept Direct Messages from anyone.

  • What is the message button?
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    Message Button - Prominently display a call-to-action on a business's profile to let a user start a Direct Message with them.


  • How does it work?
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    In the business settings page, businesses can indicate that they provide support and allow Direct Messages from anyone. Once those two settings are enabled both features will show: that you provide support in search results, Tweet typeahead, and the Direct Message recipient selector, and the Message button shows on their profile. Additionally businesses can list their hours, which will display on their profile.

    To set up support account options:

    1. Go to
    2. Under Direct Messages, check the box next to Receive Direct Messages from anyone.
      Note: You will need to enable this setting in order to display your account as a support account.
    3. Under Support account, check the box next to Show that my account provides support to enable the Provides support message in search, and Tweet and Direct Message composers.
    4. Under Support hours, click the Add hours button to indicate on your profile when your account is most responsive to support requests from customers.

  • FAQ
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    Can I manage support indicators through another tool I use?

    Currently, support indicators are only manageable through the business settings page.

    Can I turn support indicators off?

    Yes, if you uncheck “Show that my account provides support” support indicators will no longer show on your profile and alongside your account name throughout the app. You can also separately remove support hours but have “provides support” continue to show when users search for your account.

    Can I turn message button off?

    Changing your setting to turn off ‘Receive DMs from anyone’ will remove the message button from your profile. Turning off message button will also turn off support indicators.

    Can I show that I provide support but not show my hours?

    Yes, you can show that you provide support without listing any hours. However, you can only list hours if you indicate that you provide support.

    Can I get support indicators without accepting Direct Messages from anyone?

    An important part of providing support on Twitter is giving customers the option to have a private conversation, so you must have ‘Receive Direct Messages from anyone’ enabled to utilize the support indicators.


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