Women's EUROS 2022: How to connect with a growing conversation

By Niamh Keenan
Trends and insights
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The European football conversation is bigger than ever on Twitter in 2022 with a 45% increase in average monthly football conversation over the past 12 months globally.1 

Interest in women’s football is growing too, with 3.3M Tweets around the world about women’s international football in 2021.2 This summer the biggest women’s event in UEFA history will be held across 9 cities in England, and you don’t want to miss it. 

The 2022 Women’s EUROs kicks off at Manchester's Old Trafford stadium on July 6th for the month of July with 16 teams competing. 

All 87,200 tickets have been sold for the final on July 31st,3 and the roar of the crowd throughout the tournament is expected to be loud. The same can be said for the crowd on Twitter. In fact, the excitement has already started with almost 30K Tweets about #WEURO2022 as of this April.4

Who’s watching?

58% of surveyed football fans on Twitter say they have watched or followed women’s football5 and 85% of those people are excited about the Women’s EUROs.6 Host country England is leading the way, with fans hoping for home nations glory. Another reason to get behind the event, especially for those in the UK.

The top countries around the world talking about the women’s tournament on Twitter are:7

  1. England

  2. France

  3. Spain

  4. Italy 

  5. Germany

Twitter is where people turn to for live sports, so let's see how you can interact and drive results during these key cultural moments.

Twitter products to help you connect with women’s football at scale


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Twitter Takeover

Own the Twitter timeline on key dates across the tournament with Twitter Takeover. Takeover products give you exclusive ownership of Twitter’s premium real estate across desktop and mobile, allowing you to maximize your reach during the event and drive results across the funnel. 

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Video Views campaign

Short, relevant videos are a great way to catch people's eyes on a crowded timeline  — and your budget doesn’t need to be huge. Run a Video Views campaign leading up to and during the tournament and for best results, mix up the formats. 

For example, Video Ads with Polls, Video Ads with Website Buttons and regular Video Ads. Learn more about Video Views campaigns.

Organic Twitter tips

A good campaign should be complemented by a strong organic strategy. We recommend using a mixture of formats before, during, and after the tournament. 

These include:

  • Twitter Polls to encourage engagement
  • Live Tweeting during the women’s matches
  • GIFs and videos to connect and build cultural relevance

Learn more about how to live Tweet before, during and after events.

The Women’s EUROs are already creating a buzz. If you haven’t included women’s sports in your media plan before, now is the time. 

Learn more about advertising options on Twitter, or get in touch for advice on running a large scale campaign.

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