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By Niamh Keenan
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White Friday (or Black Friday as it’s known in the UK and US) is a huge shopping moment, and people on Twitter are eager to learn about the best brand deals. 

52% of people use Twitter to discover White Friday offers, while in a recent survey 32% of people stated they would visit a nearby retailer if they saw a Tweet about a sale there.1

Let’s dive in and see how your brand can join the conversation and drive results this shopping season.

White Friday marketing strategies

Tease, reveal, reinforce 

We recommend running your White Friday campaign for the month of November to catch early shoppers and stand out from the crowd. 

In fact our research shows launch campaigns (including a new offer or sale) that are scheduled to run for 3-6 weeks result in a +51% higher lift in top-of-mind awareness and +15% lift in brand awareness.2

Use a mix of organic Tweets and Twitter Ads to tease offers, entice shoppers with gift guides, festive gift sets, and suggestions. You can also use engaging formats like Twitter Polls to ask people what offers they actually want. 

Don’t forget about late in the day shoppers too, it’s innate that people don’t want to miss out — connect with these people by Tweeting later in the day with reminders of when offers will end. Keep language simple too, for example use wording like ‘while supplies last’ and CTA’s like ‘shop now’. 

After White Friday ends, keep people engaged by Retweeting any customer hauls your brand is mentioned in, answer questions customers may have, and ask what customers bought over the weekend.

Use a mix of Twitter Ads products to drive purchase intent 

To encourage purchase intent and consideration our most recent research shows it’s best to include a variety of two to five unique ad formats.3 This will help prevent ad fatigue, while keeping a focus on your messaging and White Friday deals. 

It’s also a good idea to include a mix of both video and image, with research showing that campaigns that featured a mix of both saw an average lift of 27% in purchase intent/consideration.4 You can also utilize multi-destination Carousel Ads to showcase multiple offers and products.

Finally, we also recommend adding engaging formats like Website Buttons to encourage engagement and click-through.

Go big with a Twitter Takeover in a selected country

Twitter Takeover is a premium product that puts your brand front and center for a full 24 hours in the country of your choice — you can even add custom Branded Likes. Takeover is great for high impact awareness and is also proven to drive action, take language app Cambly (@cambly) for example. 

For their 2021 campaign Cambly wanted to drive awareness of their brand and higher conversions to the Cambly App during their Black Friday sale. Over 24 hours, Cambly achieved more than 21 million impressions and saw a 70K+ increase in website traffic.

To learn more about Twitter Takeover visit our product page or get in touch with your account manager. If you don’t already have an assigned account manager you can submit your interest on our contact page.

Use a specific promo code and White Friday landing page

If you run a White Friday campaign and don’t properly track it, did it even happen? This shopping season make sure to set up conversion tracking and use the Twitter Pixel to best measure results. 

We also recommend setting up a specific Twitter promo code, this will help you easily see how many people on Twitter used your code – even if they don’t click your ad. A specific campaign landing page is also a good idea. A campaign landing page improves the overall user experience, and again aids accurate tracking.

Categories people on Twitter plan to shop for

Some key products people are interested in purchasing during White Friday include fashion items such as clothes and accessories, smartphones, tablets and laptops, home appliances, gaming consoles and more. Use this information to help you plan your offers and advertising creative. 

Support for small businesses

If your business can afford it, start a small business White Friday offer early. Alternatively, why not share your company ethos and information about your local products — people are keen to support so make sure to put yourself out there. 

Promote your message online (Quick Promote is a great, easy option) and in-store. Check out our small business resources page which has lots more shopping season resources tailored to you.

Whatever your business sells and no matter the  size of your brand, White Friday offers a huge opportunity to generate sales and connect with a range of new customers. 

If you’d like advice or are keen to run a large campaign please do get in touch

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