What to Tweet: 6 ways to get unstuck when you're out of Tweet ideas

By Nick Reese

Your followers haven’t heard from you in a while. Your boss wants to know when you’re going to update the Twitter account. You feel like you’ve already Tweeted about everything — twice.

Writer’s block. Or in this case, Tweeter’s block. We’ve all been there. Unfortunately, you don’t always have time to wait for inspiration to strike when it comes time to Tweet. That’s when you have to go out and find inspiration yourself.

To help you get started, here are a few ideas to get you unstuck or even keep you from getting stuck in the first place.

Go back to your personas

Every marketing strategy should start with creating buyer personas. These sketches of your audience segments will tell you things like topics they’re interested in, things they’re talking about, and pain points around your product. 

If you’ve been Tweeting for a while there’s a good chance you haven’t referenced your buyer personas in weeks, months or even years. By looking at them with fresh eyes, you might be prompted to explore Tweets from an angle you haven’t hit on recently. Alternatively, you might find a persona is out of date and needs updating — the act of updating the persona can get you thinking about your topic in new ways.

Use an editorial calendar

An editorial calendar is often the difference between an active Twitter presence and a sporadic one. By writing the bulk of your Tweets a month or quarter at a time, you can take the hard part of Tweeting off your plate so you can focus your day to day efforts on engagement, optimization, and spur-of-the-moment Tweets. In addition, an editorial calendar helps you get the most out of planned events and campaigns by making sure everything is ready in advance.

Follow influencers

Part of influencer marketing is doing your homework and keeping track of what influencers are Tweeting about. Check the Twitter feeds of your influencer list to look for topics you can contribute to or put your spin on.

Look at conversations happening around hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to find Tweet inspiration. Check out the hashtags you regularly use to see what others are using them for. From there, take a look at the hashtags used by influencers, your followers, industry publications, and your competitors. In addition, check out trending hashtags to see if there’s something going on in the world you can leverage.

Ask your followers

Your followers are an endless source of fresh Tweets and ideas. Retweet their content to inspire more customers to share with you. If you can’t find anything, just ask — a photo contest or asking a question to your followers can help prompt user-generated content.

Continue the conversation

If people are Tweeting at you, Tweet back. Too often it can be easy to treat Twitter as a one-sided conversation with your followers where you do all the posting. When people use your handle in a Tweet, keep the conversation going by asking questions, sharing your thoughts, and providing extra insights. 

Keep an eye on events and National Holidays

Sports, film, music, and culture collide on Twitter 365 days a year. There are plenty of conversations around events your brand can tap into. Not sure where to get started? Download our full Twitter marketing calendar to see what events people are Tweeting about throughout the year.

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