5 ways to drive action on Twitter during Ramadan on Twitter

By Hayley Dorney
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We’ve covered the customer personas you can target during Ramadan and the top Twitter ad campaign options you can use. Now – to help you create a successful campaign for Ramadan 2022 – we’re looking at the best ways you can drive engagement and action during Ramadan. 

Here are five ways to drive action on Twitter during Ramadan.

Create cultural relevance 

Cultural relevance is a key driver in people’s purchasing decisions. Research by Twitter and Kantar found that there is a 73% correlation between a brand’s cultural relevance and its revenue1. This means consumers like to buy from brands that are culturally relevant. 

So it’s important you align your Twitter strategy with the Ramadan spirit when creating a campaign during the holy month. Themes for Ramadan include love, empathy, gratitude, charity, family, community, and hospitality.

@CostaCoffeeUAE shares their Ramadan-themed cups on sale during the holy month.

Businesses that create campaigns on Twitter during Ramadan should be mindful about what they say, what products they advertise, and how the products are advertised. By finding the right Ramadan theme for your business and relating to it, you can drive new interest and create brand loyalty.

Promote a single hero asset

Most people look forward to a brand’s single hero asset during Ramadan2. As best practice for Ramadan campaigns, we suggest focusing on one main creative asset, such as a Video Ad or Image Ad, and one specific offer or message. Using multiple ads might dilute your messaging, and isn’t the preferred kind of campaign format for Twitter users during Ramadan3.

Offer gift guides and ideas

During Ramadan, people spend more money compared to the rest of the year. Around 50% of people on Twitter in Saudi, UAE, and Kuwait spend more during Ramadan, while 61% in Egypt spend more4. Tap into this by promoting any products that would be the perfect gift for someone.

@tarteelAI promotes their gift cards for premium access to their tools. 

Provide special offers and contests

Promotions and offers are big drivers of sales during Ramadan, so be sure to highlight any special offers early and often, so you can build anticipation and encourage sales.

@DominosUAE offers followers special prices for their menu during Ramadan.

Top tip: People look forward to Telco offers during Ramadan, including discounts on their current package5, and on new devices. Banking offers during Ramadan, especially on Personal Loans, are also popular6. If your business lies within these sectors get in touch to see how we can help you amplify your campaign on Twitter this Ramadan.

@OoredooQatar highlights their special prices and points scheme for Ramadam.

Connect with TV 

Entertainment features within the top-five type of content that people most want to see during Ramadan7, and it offers brands great opportunities to connect with their followers – Twitter is the ultimate compliment to TV. 

People use Twitter while watching TV during Ramadan to read people's Tweets about the shows they’re watching, discover other shows to watch, and Tweet about what they’re watching in real-time. 

Connect to this by taking part in the conversations happening on Twitter about the shows people are watching. Use hashtags and keywords to take part, and have some fun by using Twitter Polls to drive conversation and engagement. 

Visit #WhatsNew at Twitter MENA to learn more about key insights and success stories that will help you plan your campaigns for the Holy Month.

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