Create “Unskippable” Video Ads with This Eight Episode Course

By Ted Harrison, Head of Production | Robin Simon, Content Producer
Video Advertising

Audiences have more options for consuming media than ever, and while 7/10 X users report enjoying content from brands on their timeline1, it can still be difficult to create content that excels both in how it resonates and how it performs. For advertisers looking to create video that grabs attention, encourages engagement, and achieves key performance indicators, we created a brand new eight-episode video course - each less than two minutes long - complete with 2023 X best practices just for you.

Receiving a list of best practices is always helpful, but it can be tough to translate a list of do’s and don'ts into a high-performing video. Content can become watered down when every tip on the list is implemented in a single advertisement without proper care - losing its entertainment value and creative spark. That’s why this course was created for creatives, by creatives, and doesn’t just teach you what the best practices are, but how to use them to think about and approach your next piece of content. 

You’ll hear directly from X's dedicated content production team that helps advertisers produce thousands of top-performing ads on the platform every year. With plenty of examples from the X timeline, as well as some fun surprises, by the end of this series you’ll feel empowered to create unskippable X content no matter how big or small your budget is.

Series topics include:

  1. Creating Attention
  2. The Right Video Size
  3. The Right Video Length
  4. The Right Video Layout
  5. Creating Engagement
  6. Providing Utility & Clarity
  7. Pairing Copy & Captions
  8. Breaking the 4th Wall

Check out episode one below for a preview of what you'll learn.


Head over to Flight School today and earn your Unskippable Wings. We can’t wait to see the content you create on our timeline!

  1. Sparkler Custom Research, commissioned by Twitter, #RealTalk Study 2021, Fieldwork May-June 2021, n=2,000 Twitter Users (US).