X Spaces how-to guide

Spaces are a brand new way to have live audio conversations on X

Want to learn more about X Spaces? You’re in the right place. Spaces are ephemeral, live audio conversations on X, and it’s easy to join one or start a Space of your own.


How to join a Space

Spaces are public and you can join one in several ways. Each Space has a public link that a host or listener can include in a Post, or share via a Direct Message. Live Spaces featuring a speaker or host you follow will also appear at the top of your timeline, highlighted in purple and in your timeline as well.  You can also join via the Spaces Tab on your phone (currently available in English on iOS).


How to host a Space

To start a Space, long-press the compose button on your Home timeline, then select the cluster of dots icon. Your mic will be off when you first create your Space — tap Start your Space once you’re ready to begin speaking.

Twitter Spaces product UI on a purple background.

How to add a Co-Host

As a Host you can nominate up to two co-hosts, in addition to 10 speakers, within your Space to help moderate the conversation. Invite any current participant, or someone who isn’t in your Space. To do this, tap the Manage speakers icon, then Invite co-hosts to search for and select the accounts you’d like to co-host your Space, and send them an invite to let them know.


How to schedule a Space

Scheduling a Space in advance gives you a longer window to promote your upcoming conversation. To schedule a Space, long-press the compose button on your Home timeline, then select the Spaces icon. Give your Space a name, select up to three relevant topics, then tap the Clock icon to select a date and time for your Space.

You can schedule up to 10 Spaces at a time up to 30 days in advance, and you can still create impromptu Spaces in the meantime. To make a change to your upcoming Space, tap Edit to modify the name, date or time. Only the name of the scheduled Space can be modified once the Space is live.


How to Post about your Space

Inform your audience and encourage them to join you by Posting about your Space in advance. To Post about it once your Space has started, click on the share menu in the bottom right corner to share your Space via Direct Message, Post card directly to your Home timeline, or copying the link.

Twitter Spaces product UI on a purple background.

How to share a Post within your Space

Help to guide the conversation and give context to your listeners by sharing a Post within your Space. To do this, navigate to the Post you want to include, tap the share icon, and select “Your Space” — don’t worry, your Space will remain active while you do this.



How to clip a Space

Capture 30 seconds of audio from a recorded Space and share it through a Post to highlight key takeaways and notable moments. How to create a clip on iOS and Android:


As a host…


  1. Before starting your Space, make sure the Record Space toggle is on. You will not be able to create clips without this setting enabled.
  2. To create a clip during your live Space or later with a recording of your Space, navigate to the clipping icon.
  3. On the Create clip pop-up, go to Next (Android users will skip this step).
  4. Tap on Post to post it to your timeline. 


As a listener…


  1. To create a clip during a live Space or later with a recording of a Space, navigate to the clipping icon.
  2. On the Create clip pop-up, go to Next. (Android users will skip this step)
  3. Tap on Post to post it to your timeline.

How to create a clip on Web:

As a listener…


  1. To create a clip during a live Space or later with a recording of a Space, navigate to the clipping icon.
  2. The audio transcript will pop up of your clip. Then click Next.
  3. Preview the Post and add a comment if you’d like, similarly to a Quote Post. Then, click on Post to post it to your timeline.



Recorded Spaces

We’re currently testing out two new Spaces features. Click to learn more about how to record, edit and share your next Space.


Spaces controls and icons

Mic icon

Mic controls

Use this button to request to speak or mute/unmute yourself.

Settings icon


Access to features such as captioning, sharing feedback, and adjusting more settings.

Manage Speakers icon

Manage Speakers

Accept requests, manage guests, etc.

Emoji Reactions icon.

Emoji reactions

Select from a number of emojis to silently react to the conversation.

Share icon.


Options for sharing your Space via link, Direct Message, or Post.


X Spaces FAQs

Spaces are public and anyone can join as a listener.

There is no time limit for Spaces — each Space will be live until ended by the host.

Yes. When you start the Space, you can add who you want to be a speaker or keep it open and anyone in the Space can request to be a speaker. Spaces can have up to 11 speakers at any one time, including the host.

Spaces are public. We encourage hosts to Post about upcoming Spaces they plan to start. And once a Space has been started, the host and anyone in the Space can share a Post and/or share a link of the Space directly from the share menu. 

Once a Space has been started, anyone following the host or a listener will see the Space lit up in purple at the top of their timeline.

The host can remove speaker permissions from anyone at any time, and can also remove anyone from the Space. This can be done by tapping on the person’s avatar within the Space, and tapping either “Block and remove” or “Report and remove.”

Hosts of Spaces can control who has the ability to speak in their Space, and can also take action to “block and remove” or “report and remove” people from their Space. Speakers and listeners can report a Space, as well as report any account inside of a Space. Spaces will also show participants a warning when someone they block is speaking.

As a host, if you turn off clipping for all Spaces from the onset, no one will be able to clip your Spaces. If you choose to turn off clipping at any point thereafter, the feature will be unavailable moving forward. To delete clips made prior to turning off the feature, you will need to delete your Space entirely.

If you think a clip violates the X Rules, you can report it. Learn more about reporting a Post. You also have the option to block or mute the account that Posted the clip. Navigate to the account’s profile photo and from the … icon, select the appropriate action.

After your recorded Space has concluded, you may delete the recording from the end screen by tapping the … icon, then tap “Delete your recording”. Alternatively, go to Settings > Privacy and safety > Spaces > Manage your Spaces recording History and select the Space you want to delete, then tap the … icon and tap “Delete your recording”. When prompted “Delete your recording?“, select “Yes, Delete”.

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