Twitter tips for 2021: 8 resolutions for the new year

Louise Downing
By Louise Downing

Setting New Year's resolutions isn't for everyone. Made with good intentions, they often fly out the window before January is out. Yet after a turbulent 2020, you'll likely be wanting to hit the reset button and start anew. And there's no better time for a refresh than the turn of a new year. Here's how to improve your Twitter strategy to achieve maximum success on Twitter in 2021.

Resolution #1: Revamp your Twitter profile 

Keep your profile and content fresh by giving it a New Year's makeover. Review these key elements and tips to advise your refresh. Consider adding a new header photo, profile photo, bio, and pinned Tweet. Even if your profile details are still accurate, an uplift will help give it a clean, new look for the year ahead. 

Resolution #2: Create a Twitter schedule

Tweeting regularly and consistently will boost your visibility and grow engagement. You can help to make Tweeting a habit by creating an editorial schedule outlining when and how often you plan to post, the format, and any content themes you plan to target. This will also help you understand the best times to post and the content that resonates most with your audience.

Resolution #3: Focus on your personas

When it comes to content, a one-size-fits-all approach is rarely successful. That will be especially true on Twitter in 2021. Instead, Tweets that are targeted toward a specific audience are much more likely to fuel engagement.

Now is a great time to take another look at your buyer personas and ensure they still reflect your actual customers. Make sure every Tweet is focused on these personas. Not only will your content be more relevant and valuable, but it will also make it much easier for you to discover relevant and engaging topics to Tweet about.

Resolution #4: Experiment with new ad types

It can be easy to get stuck in a social media rut and if you've been advertising on Twitter for a while, chances are you're still adopting the same approach you started with. But Twitter is constantly evolving, and there are so many different ways to spread your message. Make 2021 the year you experiment with Carousel adsTakeover ads, and video advertising.

Resolution #5: Get closer to your audience 

Use Twitter to interact directly with your audience and learn more about them. Interactive features such as Twitter polls and chats are ideal for this. Even including simple questions with your posts can yield brilliant insights that you can then use to tailor and personalize your content for maximum engagement.

Resolution #6: Measure your success

You can't optimize your Twitter marketing in 2021 without analyzing your data to understand what your audience loves and what isn't working so well. Allocate a weekly slot to explore your Twitter analytics. You'll start to notice trends that you can use to continually iterate and optimize your Twitter strategy. Armed with this data, you might then consider using different targeting parameters to ensure the right message reaches the right people when they're most receptive.

Resolution #7: Shorten your response times

People come to Twitter to engage in conversation, to talk directly to the people behind their favorite brands, to listen, and be heard. There's nothing more frustrating than being ignored or waiting a long time for a response. Make it your New Year's mission to respond quickly to as many Tweets as you can. Your followers will be grateful and in turn, will engage with you more deeply. Follow these world-class customer service tips to influence your 2021 CX strategy.

Resolution #8: Run digital events 

COVID-19 means many brands are losing much of their face-to-face interaction with customers. As such, it's worth considering how your Twitter marketing in 2021 can replace these interactions. For example, you could run digital events such as live video tutorials, workshops, and Q&As, that put faces behind your brand. This will really help nurture deeper emotional connections to your audience.

Planning your 2021 Twitter strategy? We’ve compiled some of our best Twitter tips and tools into our 2021 Twitter Planner to help you get ready for the year ahead. Download the 2021 Twitter planner and make 2021 your best year yet on Twitter.

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