Twitter. Where football lives

Football is at the heart of Twitter, and it is the home of conversation about the game. With two major international tournaments in 2022, that is more true than ever, and the numbers speak for themselves: 75% of Twitter users regularly connect with football1, and we’ve seen a 45%2 increase in average monthly football conversation over the past 12 months. 

The reasons why this is happening are clear. People on Twitter say they can find unique content on Twitter that simply is not available elsewhere. Why? Because Twitter is the one place where players, coaches, pundits, journalists, and fans all exist on a level playing field. It’s why as many as 66% of people say that Twitter helps them connect to their tribe and get closer to significant events like the UEFA Women's EURO and the 2022 World Cup.3

To bring the feeling of football to life in a unique way, we teamed up with top TV football commentator Clive Tyldesley (@CliveTyldesley) to create a film that perfectly encapsulates how football lives on Twitter. 

For Clive, who has more than 100K followers on Twitter, it is the platform to go to for football. 

Watching football on television is a two-screen experience these days. It's an interactive world in which everyone has got a platform on which to voice an opinion. Twitter is the go-to platform for most football fans. You can not only interact with friends but with the famous too. The great football debates happen on Twitter, and everybody can join in and have their say.

It is not only the great debates, says @CliveTyldesley. Twitter is also a great equaliser when it comes to football.

I may be commentating on a major final to millions on a main screen, but anyone can become part of the narrative of the occasion with a few taps of their phone on Twitter. It's where the biggest football crowds gather to watch and enjoy the greatest matches together.

For brands, Twitter is the place where it is possible to speak to every single person that shares a love for the beautiful game. It is where fans share their excitement about forthcoming matches, the players, where they are searching for the freshest football news, joy of goals scored and heroic wins, commiserations for devastating losses, and the best post-match memes and jokes. 

To create this video, Twitter worked with advertising agency DAVID Madrid and production company Landia, and filmed at the Zaragoza stadium in Madrid.

If you want to be where people are talking about football, there is one place to be. 

Twitter. Where football lives. 

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