Twitter features every leader should use

Whether it’s driving conversations around your brand, connecting with other industry leads, or building connections with your fans, Twitter presents a unique way for leaders to connect with the people that matter most.


Leaders like Disney’s Asad Ayaz, Microsoft's Satya Nadella, and HuffPost founder Arianna Huffington are using Twitter to humanize the brands they represent, connect with customers, and connect with colleagues and employees. Leaders are also sharing their thoughts about company updates, guiding brand messaging, and shaping their reputation, not to mention driving company culture and taking a stand on and promoting causes and ideals. 


There are a variety of different Twitter tools and features you can use to start impactful conversations and grow your audience. Here’s a short product guide to help leaders looking to unlock their social superpower through Twitter.


Topics provide a great way for leaders to stay in the know about the things that matter most for your business. 


Whether you're an editor in the fashion industry or a commercial lead in the film business, subscribing to Topics gives you access to Tweets about your area of interest within your Home timeline.

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Lists can provide leaders with a unique way to quickly consume Tweets from specific accounts. This can be anything from Lists of your biggest fans, people within your organization, or other leaders you follow. Lists are a great way to curate the timeline that best meets your needs.

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Twitter VIT

Whether you’re conversing with other industry leads or building connections with consumers, the Twitter VIT app is the easiest, most creative way to host and manage a Q&A on Twitter. For more tips on hosting a Q&A, check out this Twitter 101 guide.

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Conversation settings

This new feature gives people the power to control who can engage with and respond to their Tweets. If you’re looking to keep conversations to only your followers, or perhaps host a conversation with a valid partner, Twitter’s conversation settings give you the power to do just this.

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