The Conversation: Travel talk is taking off on Twitter


Twitter is the dream destination to connect with travelers as vacation conversation ramps up.

After extended periods of staying home, talk about travel on Twitter has picked up speed as people rediscover their excitement for traveling the globe. As vacationers book their travel plans, they’re turning to Twitter to engage with their communities for research and recommendations, and that includes connecting with brands.

Journey deeper into this conversation with us, so you can connect with your traveling fans and help them get the most out of their journeys.

Travel is trending on Twitter again

With excitement building around travel again, people are turning to Twitter to engage with their communities as they look for travel inspiration and advice. In fact, there’s been a rise of responses in the timeline about recommendations, destinations, and how to have the best experience.

And increasingly, more people are excited to share their travel stories and opinions, with replies to Tweets seeking travel recommendations also up 23%.1

Connect with travelers now before their bags are packed

Tweets about summer travel peak from June through August, so that means people are already making plans. Don’t wait to talk to your audience about their journey; start a conversation now so you can make the most impact before the bags are packed.

Twitter is a go-to destination for travel tips

Conversations on Twitter in the past year show there’s growing excitement around every aspect of the travel experience, as topics range from destinations, the best ways to get there, and how to have a memorable experience.

People are going big on travel

People have been postponing special trips during the pandemic, including major life moments like honeymoons. Now, travelers aren’t just dreaming big, they’re committing to big adventures this summer, with a wide range of attractions appearing on travel bucket lists.  

We're gonna travel like it's 2019

As summer draws nearer, people are getting more comfortable with traditional vacations. Our data suggests COVID-safe travel ideas, like camping, are trending downward. People are no longer avoiding cities, as they are eager to return to their normal travel patterns, looking forward to both business trips and personal exploration this year.


Is your brand ready to take off?

People are excited to travel again, with a lot less worry, and that’s huge for brands looking to connect with their audience before peak travel season.

Join the conversation on Twitter so you can have the most positive impact as people transition back into vacation mode.

airplane taking off - Tweet with text "Im so excited to travel again AHHHH"

1. Twitter Internal Data (Semantic Core). Comparing replies on travel Tweets from June 1, 2020 - August 31, 2020 to June 1, 2021 - August 31, 2021. US Only.