The Conversation: Soccer is kicking into high gear on Twitter


The beautiful game is making big gains on the timeline

In recent years, soccer — or as it’s known globally, football — hype has exploded in America. With the World Cup around the corner, conversations about soccer are going to be roaring on Twitter as the entire globe comes together. In fact, 53% of people on Twitter are fans of the World Cup, as compared to only 24% of people who aren’t on the platform.1 

So while epic plays are made on the pitch, the game really comes to life when fans on Twitter drive the intensity and share their excitement. Twitter is where football lives, so read on to learn how your brand can connect to the moments that get the world talking.


Soccer is creating big conversation and brand moments on Twitter

As it’s gotten more popular, the conversation around soccer has seen tremendous growth year over year. Casual fans, diehard fans, and everyone in between are taking to Twitter to speak their mind and connect with one another. Brand mentions have grown 27% year over year, making them inextricably part of the conversations with soccer fans.

The roar of the soccer conversation is getting louder as the World Cup gets closer

For many people, this worldwide tournament is the biggest sports event there is. Since the start of 2022, we’ve been seeing the conversation grow on Twitter, and as we approach the first round, we expect that trend to continue. You don’t have to wait for the World Cup to chime in — fans are ready to talk soccer now.

Soccer fans go beyond the game when they talk on the timeline

Once you start talking soccer, you’ll tap into a bigger sports, entertainment, and cultural universe. The global game is an entry point for fans of all backgrounds, so find the crossover moments where you can make the most relevant connections on the timeline.

Reach sports fans of all backgrounds by making a play on the soccer conversation

People that Tweet about soccer aren’t exclusively watching soccer. If your fans are into other sports, then they’re likely tuning in to the matches. Take advantage of this opportunity and ride the hype surrounding the World Cup.

It’s a soccer year and you have a position to play in the conversation

This excitement has been building for four years, and soccer is storming the timeline as the World Cup draws closer. And when Twitter talks football, the world listens. It’s one of the biggest sports moments of the year — so go for the goal and make sure you connect to the moments that get the world talking, right where it’s happening.

trophy with Tweet "I'm so excited for the world cup. Twitter is gonna be fire"

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