The Conversation: Talking shop on Twitter


Twitter is where shoppers go year-round to connect and get real-life recommendations

People are harnessing the power of Twitter while they shop, looking for advice about what’s good, where to find it, and ultimately, flexing their new purchases on the timeline. Don’t miss your chance to connect with shoppers as they seek the best intel and value from highly engaged communities on Twitter.

Get closer to the retail conversation, and learn what the insights say about shoppers.

Conversations on Twitter lead to actual purchases

Shoppers go to Twitter for all kinds of info and inspo to help them decide whether to spend. From big-ticket items to everyday things, people check out the timeline before they hit the checkout line.

Shoppers love to talk about what they have their eyes on

No matter where they are in their shopping journey, people are Tweeting nonstop about what they want to buy and seeking recommendations from communities that feel the same. From fashion to family, you can help shoppers decide how to spend their money next by tapping into these distinct worlds on Twitter.

But value still matters

People are increasingly price-conscious, according to our trending keywords. Don’t hesitate to get down to business and show your brand’s worth to shoppers as they get closer to finalizing their purchase.

Men are getting more active in shopping convos on Twitter

Men are amping up their participation in the retail talk on Twitter, making the volume of Tweets from women and men almost equal. So, don’t leave anything on the table and engage everyone who has the potential to connect and shop with your brand.

And remember, there’s always a big shopping moment around the corner

Sure, the biggest retail rush is at the end of the year, but people have other major shopping moments circled on the calendar. These annual occasions also create conversations full of passionate shoppers, so make sure your brand engages with these key events on Twitter before excitement peaks.

Twitter is shaping the shopping world. And it’s money for brands.

It’s always time to shop, and the conversations are happening all year long in diverse communities on Twitter. Does your brand have it in the bag when it comes to connecting with shoppers?

pile of sneakers - Tweet with text "Twitter makes me want to buy shoes"