The Conversation: #RealTalk about brands on Twitter today


What do people on Twitter really think about brands? It’s time for some #RealTalk.

Now more than ever, it’s important for brands to understand how and when people want them to show up in the public conversation. That’s why the brand strategy experts at Twitter Next conducted first-of-its-kind research about people’s attitudes on Twitter — analyzing thousands of Tweets from the world’s most iconic brands and conducting tests and surveys in eight countries — and what that means for the evolution of brand behavior. 

In this special edition of the Twitter Conversation Report, we take a peek inside the #RealTalk report to find out what people really think about brands on Twitter.

Let’s get real.

The good news? People engage with brands on Twitter. A lot.

Conversations with and about brands on Twitter have been on an upward trajectory, and that’s a good thing for you. Our research shows people are increasingly interested in what brands have to say.

But there’s a catch. Because brand Tweets attract more eyeballs these days, it’s more important than ever for brands to up their game and Tweet with a higher level of awareness.

But not all brand content is created equal

People are getting savvier about their interaction with brands, and they realize not all Twitter content is created equal. People on Twitter welcome #BrandTwitter in the timeline across more topics than you'd think — as long as it's authentic and engaging.

These connections have to feel natural and unforced. Fans don’t love it when brands are obvious (or worse, desperate) about it. If you look thirsty, you’ll go thirsty!

Beware of the “sea of same”

Chiming in with a unique and authentic POV is super important when you’re looking to have meaningful conversations with your audience. According to our research, “social media behavior” is upstaging brand distinctiveness, and people are taking notice.

Times change. So should your tone.

Timing is only half the battle; tone is everything. 1 in 2 surveyed agree that brands need to evolve their voice with the times, and that humor doesn’t always cut it.

Most topics are on the table

As you search for new ways to connect, keep in mind that people welcome brands into a multitude of conversations on Twitter, as long as it's done with authenticity. In a study we ran across a range of topics, a pattern became clear — most topics are on the table for brands, if correctly addressed.

And the pros of being boldly you far outweigh the cons

Your tone and actions should spark reaction, but rather than fear the reaction you'll get, be aware that a more bold tone will have an unequal and opposite reaction. For example, in our analysis of fan replies to brand Tweets, we found that for every ten heart emojis, brands will only receive one eye roll. Joy!