The Conversation: Music goes platinum on Twitter


Twitter is the ultimate connection to the music world for fans and brands

Music can be a busy scene for brands to navigate, so where do you start? Staying on top of the most popular genres and calendar moments can help you reach some of the most influential audiences on Twitter. As new music drops every week and huge cultural events dot the calendar throughout the year, there’s always a major music trend on deck.

We’ve got your liner notes for where the conversation is tracking today.

It’s always a sold-out show on Twitter

If you want to reach one of the widest and most engaged audiences on Twitter, the music conversation has opportunities that are impossible to ignore. With over 20 million unique authors posting almost one billion Tweets, music fans demonstrate their strength in numbers on the timeline.

Gen Z headlines the show

Zoomers generate the strongest share of the conversation, with over half of the total Tweets about music coming from the under-25 crowd. If you’re looking for a way to connect with Gen Z, you can’t miss with music Twitter.

These genres pack the house

The wide-ranging music conversation on Twitter is headlined by Rap, Hip-Hop, and Pop, which bring the most fans and unique contributors to the timeline. If you’re looking for album releases, festivals, or other cultural events to connect with a specific audience, count on these genres to draw the most fans.

Spend the biggest nights in music on Twitter

The Grammys holds the #1 spot for most-Tweeted about music moment, but there are many other events that keep music fans flocking to Twitter. Album releases, Spotify Wrapped, and the Super Bowl Halftime Show are huge moments for brands to engage with new fans and trends.

Twitter has front-row seats to every music awards show

Awards shows invite music lovers to all tune in together for a celebration of their favorite artists, albums, and legendary performances. The range of music awards shows throughout the year provide valuable opportunities to connect with specific genres and fanbases.

Harmonize with the music conversation

When it comes to moving the masses on the timeline, few conversations match the power of music — and Twitter keeps the beat for every topic, whether it’s favorite artists, songs, or hyped festivals. With numerous conversation-sparking moments and high interest points throughout the year, the music conversation has many paths for brands to connect with fans at peak excitement.

retro microphone image with Tweet that reads "I could talk about music all day, which is what I do here on the Twitter lol"