The Conversation: Gaming is climbing the leaderboard on Twitter


Loading the best gaming content and conversation on the timeline

Gamers champion Twitter for connecting to fandoms and streamers, discussing the latest news and updates, and reacting in real time to all things gaming. In the last few years, we have seen huge growth in the gaming conversation,1 creating even more opportunity for brands to engage with this multifaceted conversation.

Read on to get our strategy guide and tap into the glory of #GamingTwitter.


The world of gaming is leveling up

Gaming is a heavy hitter on the timeline, and the stats prove it. With nearly a quarter-billion gaming-related Tweets in the first half of 2022 in the US (or almost 16 Tweets per second), it’s clear that the pandemic-era interest in gaming is still growing.

The conversation is anyone’s game

With a 3% increase over the past year,2 women make up almost half of the gaming conversation on Twitter. That’s an influential audience you don’t want to miss, so make sure that your messaging is strategic and inclusive to reflect the growth and evolution of the conversation.

In with the old, in with the new

As far as gaming titles go, the conversation on Twitter is balanced between classic games and new releases. With numerous popular franchises and diverse fanbases, there’s always an opportunity to connect to the conversation without having to wait for a crowded major release.

Come for the games, stay for the culture

With the rise of streaming and digital content creators in the gaming space, the conversation has evolved beyond simply discussing games. Gamers, streamers, and industry professionals are taking to the timeline to discuss topics like game design and the streaming culture that’s become a new frontier for celebrity and brand moments. And according to our recent study, 80% of esports creators said they enjoy when brands join their conversations on Twitter.3

No matter where the stream is, the talk is on Twitter

While gamers watch content on Twitch and YouTube, they turn to Twitter to discuss what they’re watching and their favorite streamers. Whether audiences are reacting to content in real-time or discussing highlights, Twitter is the central hub for you to connect with the streaming conversation.

Embrace the competition

Esports are a central part of the gaming conversation on the timeline, with live events and video content getting huge engagement from loyal audiences. These established tournaments and leagues are prime for brand collaboration and fan connection, with built-in moments and opportunities for engagement.

Choose your own adventure in the gaming conversation

Twitter is home to the intersection of gamers’ interests with streamers, influencers, art, esports, and (of course) the games themselves. There’s more diversity and depth in gaming than ever before — so it’s time for you to log on and find your squad on the timeline.

hands holding a video game controller with Tweet that reads "i love my gaming fam, i swear my day is so much better when i check twitter"

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