The Conversation: Tune in to #TVTwitter


Understanding how TV culture is evolving on the timeline

There’s so much good television these days, it’s hard to know where to begin — but don’t worry, you can turn to the Tweets to know where TV culture is headed. As famous franchises and new sensations evolve the conversation in real time, we’re dialed into the most compelling topics and highly engaged audiences on Twitter.    

Let’s tune into the trends that are taking over the television conversation on the timeline. 

Small screen, huge conversation

With more network shows and streaming services than ever before, Tweet volume has increased to match — 4.9 million Tweets per week on average.1 As TV moments and fanbases get more attention on the timeline, there are more opportunities for brands to fit organically into diverse fandoms and conversations.

For your consideration: the most popular genres on Twitter

To get to the heart of the most talked-about TV trends, it’s helpful to know which genres are generating the most Tweets and impressions on the timeline. This year, sci-fi/fantasy, drama, and anime are booming on Twitter, so consider engaging with shows from these genres to reach some of the largest and most active groups of TV fans.

Twitter’s most influential characters

Gen Z and millennials drive the cultural conversation, talking more actively about TV than anyone else on Twitter.2 Connecting with the TV conversation will give you the opportunity to have highly influential audiences engage with your brand.

Not all TV talk is created equal

Gen Z and millennials both love TV — but they talk about it differently. Zoomers love sci-fi, cartoons, and drama. If you want to talk to millennials, start talking about reality TV, comedy, and competition shows. Knowing your audience will help you prioritize what discussions to join and how to contribute.

Primetime isn’t the only time

The television conversation peaks during primetime, where the most passionate audience members live-Tweet the show with one eye on the action and the other on Twitter. But the conversation keeps going strong throughout the next day with the most talked-about moments and memes, which is a golden opportunity for brands to connect to the convo.

Twitter is where TV shows become hits

Twitter is the driving force behind TV conversation as the timeline lets loose for their favorite shows. Knowing what your audience watches and talks about can help you connect with the most relevant discussions and trends that thrive on Twitter. Don’t miss your chance to elevate how your brand connects to this passionate conversation.

hand holding a TV remote with Tweet that reads "i love twitter because i can scream about my favorite shows and people and you guys actually agree with me"

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