The Conversation: College basketball takes center court on Twitter


Twitter is the perfect place to score big with basketball fans during the tournament.

College basketball’s biggest tournament is back in all its glory, and sports fans are rallying on Twitter for the best dunks, nail-biters, and friendly rivalries. From basketball diehards to casual fans eager to see how their brackets hold up, the NCAA tournament draws huge audiences and provides a unique opportunity for marketers to connect with a wide range of fans.

Get the scouting report on how fans engage with teams, brands, and the biggest moments of the tournament, plus what to look out for in the basketball world after March.

The NCAA tournament gets basketball fans launching Tweets

Between buzzer-beating upset wins, raucous school spirit, and bracket busters, basketball fans show up big on Twitter for the college basketball postseason. This time of year is a unique opportunity for marketers to reach a highly engaged and diverse sports audience.

The big moments of March drive big engagement and viewership on Twitter

College basketball fans amp it up during March compared to the regular season. Everything means more: A win or loss can determine a basketball fan’s mood for the rest of the month. From bracketology to the glory of competition, you can expect a vertical leap in fan engagement and viewership during the NCAA tournament on Twitter based on conversations from last year’s tournament compared to the regular season.

And the excitement of championship basketball is a win for brands

These days, fans are fully accustomed to brands participating during thrilling sports moments. With hardcore and more casual fans both eagerly discussing the tournament, there are many different conversations taking place around the game. As the big highlights and moments get shared across Twitter, expect brands across categories to get more mentions.

The NCAA tournament brings a broader audience for brands to connect with on Twitter

March is a different game altogether. On one end of the spectrum are the diehard hoop heads, and on the other end, there are more casual fans who are watching all the biggest highlights or tracking their bracket progress.

But it’s the casual fans who make up the majority. They become key players during the NCAA tournament, many of whom are Tweeting about college basketball for the first time during March. Here, marketers have a special opportunity to connect with an audience that is turning their hoops excitement up a notch.  


The conversation continues as basketball fans turn attention to the NBA

For big basketball fans, March is only the beginning of playoff hoops. The hype lives on as the NBA approaches the end of the regular season. This is the perfect time to find crossover success by sustaining connections with the collective basketball world on Twitter as it gears up for the NBA Playoffs.


Bring your basketball content into the paint and dominate March and beyond

The full spectrum of basketball fans will be on hand for the NCAA tournament, and the wave of excitement will carry on through the NBA Playoffs.

Get in playoff form on Twitter during the heart of hoops season.