How to manage your Twitter Ads campaigns with Flightly


From time to time, we invite industry influencers to write a guest post on our blog. We turned to our friends from @FlightlyAds to share their tips to help you manage your campaigns on the go.

We chatted with Hersh Choksi from Flightly on how and when to manage your Twitter Ads campaigns on the go. Follow his tips to successfully manage and optimize your campaigns wherever you are.

Introduce yourself:

Hello! I’m Hersh (@hershc). I head product and strategy for Flightly (@FlightlyAds), a Twitter Official Partner that builds solutions for advertisers, such as the Flightly for Twitter Ads iOS and Android apps.

What is Flightly for Twitter Ads? How does it work?

Flightly for Twitter Ads is the first iOS and Android mobile app for businesses of all sizes to quickly check on their ad campaigns’ key metrics. Through the app you can edit your ads and create campaigns, right from your phone.

The app supports all Twitter campaigns, no matter where they were launched from. A Twitter Ads account is required to use the app, which can be set up at

What are some examples of when a business would use the app?

Twitter is all about what’s happening. The mobile app enables you to keep your campaigns relevant and on track, no matter where you are. 

One example that stands out is from someone who upped their ads budgets over the weekend. They were away from a computer, when the number of conversions jumped up. Another common example is when advertisers launch campaigns directly from the app when they see a relevant keyword start trending.

What types of metrics are important to monitor and optimize?

Metrics are the report card of a campaign — they tell us how well a campaign is performing. Each objective has its own set of relevant metrics that businesses can use to monitor performance. An e-commerce company running a Website Clicks campaign, for instance, may be looking primarily at the number of website clicks and the cost-per-click. The metrics to focus on are the ones which are most important to your business, and to select a campaign objective that aligns with that goal.

The Flightly for Twitter Ads mobile app highlights the relevant metrics for each campaign and supports all major campaign objectives, so it’s easy to see how campaigns are doing and optimize.

How can people make sure they don’t miss important moments on their campaigns?

This was one of the core reasons we decided to build the app. One of the pain points for many advertisers is that they need to constantly monitor their ads campaigns.

To address this, the app features a robust notification system that automatically sends a push alert when something important happens, such as a campaign exhausting its budget or cost-per-install increasing. What’s really exciting is people can set up their own, custom alerts. Simply select the metrics to monitor and when a notification should be sent, and the app automatically keeps on top of campaigns for you.

Any final tips for businesses trying to amplify their message on Twitter?

Always be testing. Advertising on Twitter is all about aligning the creative, audience, and timing — the right message to the right people at the right time. That often means trying out a few different types of Tweets or targeting, checking on its performance, and making adjustments as needed.

Try out these tips by creating Twitter Ads of your own. Create a campaign today.

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