Tweet inspiration: Why you should Tweet like a tourism brand

By Nick Reese
woman in hat with map

People love to use Twitter to discover new things, make recommendations, and share their experiences with the world.

Don’t think tourism brands haven’t noticed. Cities, resorts, and travel destinations all use Twitter to attract tourists and improve visitors’ trips. As a result, if you’re looking for examples of Twitter best practices to incorporate into your brand, it could be just a vacation away.

Know your customer

Just like your business, tourism brands aren’t trying to attract everyone. The best ones understand what makes their destination unique and the types of people who are interested in visiting.

For example, the team behind @Vegas knows its followers come to Vegas for gambling, conferences, fine dining, and concerts. @travelportland, on the other hand, promotes coffee shops, outdoor activities, food trucks, and its quirky neighborhoods. Take the time to understand your customer to provide them with the kinds of Tweets they’ll find valuable.

Get visual

Tourism brands almost have an unfair advantage over other brands when it comes to imagery. People love looking at photos and videos of the places they want to visit, while capturing high-quality imagery of a landscape or cultural activity is almost foolproof.

@PureNewZealand uses original videos and photography to show off everything there is to do in the country, while @NewMexico does an excellent job of Retweeting photos. No matter what your business does, look for ways to make your Twitter feed more engaging by Tweeting photos and videos.

Your Twitter tour guide

Tourism brands are in the business of making visitors feel welcome. On Twitter, it’s no different. When customers share a great photo or experience about their Seattle experience, @VisitSeattle will Tweet back. In addition, they use Twitter to act as a virtual concierge and provide travel advice.

#ProTip: Actively monitor your mentions and brand hashtags to respond quickly and helpfully to customers — not only will it help that person, but it shows everyone else that your brand is committed to customer service.

Share the love

No brand is an island. Unless your brand literally is an island, like @VisitJamaicaNow. Like other tourism brands, they make ample use of Retweets to share content from the many resorts, venues, and events that make up the travel experience. Not only does this make their Twitter feed more valuable to followers, but it allows their social media team to Tweet several times a day with little effort.

Follow your business partners, industry events, and thought leaders and Retweet their relevant Tweets to your customers. It will keep your name at the top of your followers’ feed and the top of their mind. Bonus: your partners will likely take notice and start to retweet your posts, broadening your reach.

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