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Lindsay Crider
By Lindsay Crider
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Our Customer Success team works with advertisers of different sizes and scopes to run thousands of campaigns every year, so we thought: who better to ask for some Twitter Ads best practices?

With that, we asked our Customer Success team to share their single "top Twitter tip", and are excited to share their valuable, bite-sized recommendations, below:

Use Website Buttons 

"If you're trying to drive clicks to your website, always use a Website Button — it performs really well. That's my favorite tip to give." — Elaine Jones, Account Manager, Americas


Keep it simple

"Make sure to keep your Tweet copy free of 'exit points' like any unnecessary hashtags or handle mentions — anything that someone can click on that is not the ad itself." — Shona O'Dwyer, Account Manager, EMEA

Be patient

"Allow 3-4 weeks as a testing phase if you are new to Twitter Ads. We can use the learnings gained in this period to optimise and scale." — Brian Tighe, Account Manager, EMEA

Try video

“Video is the [one of the] best formats on Twitter! Use it to find your audience, then take advantage of it with a retargeting campaign and impact the users who watched your video for a longer time.” — Marta Castellanos, Account Manager, EMEA

Learn more about video on Twitter.

Create Twitter Lists

"Use Twitter lists to keep up with peers, competitors, and prospects. You can add accounts to lists even if you don't follow them and, if a list is set to private, it isn't visible to the public and the accounts you add are not notified." — Lindsay Crider, Marketing Manager

Don't forget to leverage other handy tools including Polls and Tweet threads to drive more engagement. 

Test and refresh

"Don't be afraid to try new things and refresh your creative. Test things out, see what works, and just really don't be afraid to do that testing and see what images or Tweet copy works." — Chloe Mier, Account Manager, Americas

In addition to testing your copy and creatives, you should also experiment with different CTAs, targeting options, and even campaign objectives to find the best fit. 

Follow along with these steps to get Tweets campaign-ready:


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