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People come to Twitter to talk, and they love to Tweet about the holiday season — with 84M Tweets about the Holiday Season in 2020, and that’s just in the US.1 While in the UK people are already getting excited about movies and TV and events like Christmas football.

Hashtags can help your brand or business connect with this holiday conversation on Twitter, wherever your business is based. Hashtags are also great for engagement, with using 1-2 hashtags per Tweet being the sweet spot. 

Here’s a quick festive guide to help you increase your visibility and reach with the right 2021 holiday hashtags:

2021 festive holiday hashtags for your business

#BlackFriday / #CyberMonday

Black Friday (November 26) and Cyber Monday (November 29) are two of the biggest shopping days of the year, and not just for big brands — last year smaller retailers showed a 501% increase in sales on Cyber Monday compared to the October daily average.2

Incorporate #BlackFriday and #CyberMonday into your November Tweets and get your products, front and centre this Holiday season. Find lots of inspiration in our blog on Cyber Monday and Black Friday ideas for small businesses.

Pizza restaurant @SeasonsPizza Tweets a #CyberMonday discount code

#GiftGuide / #GiftIdeas

In a US Twitter Holiday Survey, 40% of people on Twitter say that Twitter influenced their gifting purchases.3 There’s a lot of choice out there so make things simple by creating a #GiftGuide. This is a great way to share your products and be helpful to customers.

Consider creating themed gift guides — like "what to buy for your spouse", “sustainable gift ideas”  or "what to get a dog lover" — and use hashtags like #GiftGuides to promote it. Feature individual products or services with #GiftIdeas.

Pro tip: Big-ticket items aren't the only ones in the spotlight during the holidays. Connect with people who put small gifts in stockings as part of their holiday tradition using #StockingFillers or #StockingStuffers.

@PawsTails1 shares a gift guide aimed at cat lovers

#HolidayDeals / #HolidaySavings / #ChristmasDeals

Shopping, sales, and deals are major themes over the festive season. Hashtags like #HolidayDeals#HolidaySavings, or #ChristmasDeals can help you connect with budget-conscious shoppers and increase the visibility of your promotions. 

Pro tip: For extra attention and sales, offer up a Twitter-exclusive promo code.

@Johnny_Magory Tweets a link to a Christmas deal on children’s books

#HolidayTips / #ChristmasTips 

Have more general content, like ideas for decorating, food inspiration, or tips for dealing with festive stress? General hashtags such as #HolidayTips or #ChristmasTips are a great way to get the word out when it's not a clear-cut fit for another niche term.

Insurance brand @LaurieRossIns Tweets a safety tip relevant to the festive season

@pigfoottheatre shares how to make DIY crackers using the hashtag #ChristmasTips

Your own branded holiday hashtag

The amount of attention an ad receives increases by almost 10% when Branded Hashtags are included.4 Use your own Branded Hashtag to streamline your content and get followers excited for your holiday content and any festive product launches.

@JOLOVESofficial Tweets about their new Christmas collection using their own #JoLoves hashtag

#Thanksgiving / #Thanksgiving2021

Don’t overlook the chance to touch base with your North American audience and share thanks.

Whether you’re sharing ideas for the holiday or just showing gratitude for their patronage all year long, a few #Thanksgiving Tweets will help keep your November content relevant. For lots more thanksgiving inspiration check out our tips on Thanksgiving hashtags and when to use them.

Local bookshop @owlsnestbooks Tweets a message of thanks and appreciation this holiday season

@HighlandFarmsON celebrates the start of fall with a #Thanksgiving Tweet

#HealthyHoliday / #MindfulChristmas

Some people want to avoid a #TurkeyComa and are committed to a #HealthyHoliday. If this reflects your brand voice and values why not Tweet some festive health and fitness content? These could be anything from helpful products, tutorials, or tips to keep mindful and relaxed.

@farmstarliving shares a recipe for healthy holiday sides

#SeasonsGreetings / #Christmas2021

Hashtags like #SeasonsGreetings, #Christmas2021, and #HappyHolidays are a great way to keep your holiday messages inclusive for everyone. 

Don’t forget the opportunities to acknowledge a wide range of holidays and traditions throughout the winter season. Check out our 2021 Holiday Marketing Calendar for more inspiration.

Scottish gallery @artcraftcollect Tweets their Christmas opening hours 

#NewYears / #NYE

Last year there were 18M New Year’s Tweets5 over the 2020 Holiday season in the US alone. New Years and New Year’s Eve are the last events in the Holiday season and people still want to have fun — and Tweet about it too.

Share outfit ideas, party planning tips, and NYE recipes. New Year’s Eve is also a great time to show thanks and appreciation for your customers.

UK supermarket @BoothsCountry Tweets a #NYE recipe 

#NewYearsResolutions / #NewYearsGoals

As 2021 winds down and the parties stop, people begin planning their goals and resolutions for the year ahead. Tweeting inspirational content, motivational quotes, and a positive attitude can help your content reach motivated followers. 

Don’t be afraid to have some fun with it too — there’s plenty of people out there who rebel against resolutions and enjoy the memes and Tweets to go along with it.

Author @SavannahBurrows shares an inspirational new year message

Looking for more Christmas and holiday Tweet inspiration? Visit our 2021 holiday hub.


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