This is Twitter UK

Every day the world looks a little bit different through the lens of Twitter. Tweets reflect what’s happening in the world, and as we’ve seen so often recently, the world can change fast.

People from all walks of life turn to Twitter daily to talk about football, TV, games, politics and news, as well as a vast range of other topics. Very often, when people do Tweet, they do so with a great deal of humour and in real-time. 

The tone of UK Twitter is the platform at its best - funny, relatable, thinking-out-loud.

Brands fit seamlessly into this too. They are part of modern British culture, characters in our daily life and part of the conversation on Twitter. The speed, variety, and depth of conversation on Twitter gives the platform an advantage in helping brands worldwide break through with their launch offerings and build cultural relevance. Here’s the even better news: the more active a brand is on Twitter, the more people see it as culturally relevant – there’s an 88% correlation1.

This is not the filtered, photoshopped world of advertising - this is the bustle of everyday life. It’s a conversation where brands, people, news, TV, and everything else is woven into one conversation that expresses what it is to be online in Britain today. 

To bring this to life and to show some of the best of Twitter, we’ve put together this video with some brilliant, quintessentially British Tweets which we think you will love. 

1. Kantar, commissioned by Twitter, Cultural Relevance Research, Dec 2019, USA, Base = 100 US brands tested. Methodology: Correlation analysis, which shows the strength of the relationship between two variables/metrics.

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