Connect with the communities driving gaming culture forward.

The Twitter gaming community is leading the charge in driving gaming culture forward — whether it be the latest releases, cheering on their favorite esports teams, or challenging inequality in the industry. We look at how you can connect with the gaming community on Twitter. 


Gamers on Twitter are passionate, comedic, loyal and also unapologetic activists redefining how the world sees gaming. Once seen as a niche community, gaming is very much mainstream culture these days, with more people than ever playing and Tweeting about video games in 2020. From Among Us memes to League of Legends fandoms, the gaming community is making their voices heard on Twitter. 2020 saw a remarkable 2 billion gaming-related Tweets — that’s an astounding 75% increase from 2019.

What's everyone playing?

The next best thing to playing games is Tweeting about playing games. Knowing and understanding the games that are driving conversation is a great way to connect with gamers on Twitter. 


On Twitter, gamers are not afraid to share the ups and downs of their gaming adventures with the community. From the moment they unbox (or download) a new title all the way through to the final mission, don’t be surprised to see a stream of commentary about the good, the bad, and the ugly of their adventures.

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Esports is creating pop culture superstars

Twitter is where esports and pop culture collide. As esports continues its unrelenting growth, fans are flocking to Twitter to keep up to date with the latest news, virtually cheer on their favorite franchise and share banter with their gaming icons on just about anything. 


Teams like FaZe ClanG2, and FNATIC continue to dominate team conversation and drive fan engagement. Could the next esports superstar come from here?

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Game changers

Alongside the pandemic, 2020 saw conversation on racial inequality take center stage. As with many industries, gaming has grappled with issues surrounding cultural appropriation and underrepresentation of some of the communities it serves. 


On Twitter these conversations are being pushed to the forefront, with the gaming community making their voices heard and moving the dial. When thinking about how publishers can help advocate for and amplify these voices, listening and learning is key. Check out insights from our Culture & Community and Twitter Next teams into how brands can show up in solidarity with Black voices on Twitter.

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