The downloadable agency checklist for Twitter Ads

By Hayley Dorney
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We recently introduced you to the Twitter Agency Playbook, and it's been going down a treat. Jam-packed with real-world case studies, downloadable worksheets, and tips and tricks for all things Twitter, every single page guides you and your clients toward success. 

But what if you want to quickly explain the key takeaways from the playbook to a colleague or stakeholder? We hear you, and that's why we've got the short and sweet downloadable one-pager too:

Agency Playbook key takeaways 
  • Use Twitter to elevate your next product or feature launch, and to connect with current events and conversations
  • Identify your client’s specific goals and metrics, and contact our sales team to get personalized information on performance industry benchmarks
  • Apply for an insertion order if you’re planning to spend over $5,000 (or local currency equivalent)
  • Set up multi-user login to ensure you have all the right access to your clients’ ad accounts. We recommend clients to select “Account Administrator” and check the “Can compose Promotable Tweets” option for agencies to access all the right information
  • Open your Twitter Ads account a few weeks before you need to run ads to allow time for approval, and review our ad policies for industry-specific rules and guidance
  • Keep your Tweets clear and concise, with 1-2 hashtags if relevant and a strong CTA
  • Add rich media, especially short videos (15 seconds or less with a sound-off strategy) whenever possible
  • Consider investing in premium products (Twitter Amplify and Twitter Takeover) for greater impact
  • Set up conversion tracking and mobile measurement partners (if applicable), and learn how to navigate the different tools in Twitter Ads Manager
  • Review our targeting options, and choose which ones are right for you to reach your audience
  • Understand the metrics and data available to you on and through advanced measurement studies

Download the Agency Playbook today for deeper insights about Twitter Ads and creating impactful client campaigns. 

Download the full Agency Playbook

Agency Playbook