The dos and don'ts of Halloween hashtags

By Camilla Dudley

Halloween 2019 is sneaking up on us, but don’t let it scare you. Hashtags can help you organize your content and help customers find what they're looking for. To help you get the most out of this Halloween, we’ve put together the top hashtag tips to help you create impactful Tweets this holiday season. 

Do use a hashtag

Hashtags are essentially for expanding your online reach and tapping into trending conversations. Try out a few different hashtags this Halloween season, such as #Halloween, #HappyHalloween, or #Halloween2019.

Beverage company @hint encourages their audience to use their product while they #TrickOrTreat

Don’t overdo it

Although it may be tempting to fill your Tweet with trending hashtags, studies show that less actually is more. Internal Twitter research shows that Tweets with 1-2 hashtags gain 100% more engagement  so try to limit your usage. 

Food caterer @ZeroCater keeps it short and sweet with a classic #Halloween hashtag and a custom-branded one. 

Do tap into existing trends

The brilliance of hashtags is that everyone uses them. Use a trending hashtag to join in on a larger conversation, but don’t forget to tie it back to your brand to stay authentic.

@Chopt Creative Salad Co. adds humor and an image that blends the holiday with their brand in this creative and cute Tweet.

Don’t be afraid to create a custom hashtag

In the same vein, some situations call for your very own hashtag. If you’re creating your own Halloween-specific campaign or challenge, use a custom hashtag so your followers can easily follow along. 

@americanapparel uses their custom #AAHalloween across multiple years to connect their holiday content. 

Do use Halloween hashtags in advance

Whether they’re decorating their house or searching for the perfect costume, most people have Halloween on their minds long before October 31. Use Halloween-themed hashtags in the days and weeks leading up to the big day. 

Innovative design house @aritzia shares Halloween costume inspiration a few weeks before the holiday. 

Don’t let your Tweet get lost in the crowd

Keep in mind that most Twitter timelines will be filled with Halloween content. Find a creative way to stand out and say "Happy Halloween!", so your Tweet won’t get overlooked. 

Work-management platform @asana gives their holiday wishes a human-touch by sharing their employees' Halloween costumes.

Do start a giveaway or contest

Holidays are a great time to encourage audience participation. Try creating a #HalloweenGiveaway or contest to engage your followers and announce it early in advance so followers can participate. Then, announce your winner on Halloween day!

@GamerGrindCo, a coffee company made specifically for gamers, creates a #HalloweenGiveaway for free coffee. 

Now you’re ready to make #Halloween2019 memorable for your brand and Twitter audience! Do you have a great Halloween Tweet? Share it with us @TwitterBusiness.