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Love Island and Twitter

Twitter Loves TV and Love Island is the most talked about show

Love Island is one of the nation's most talked-about TV shows, bringing a whirlwind of summer romance and bombshell moments to our living rooms. That love is reflected on Twitter, where #LoveIsland is the most talked-about TV show of 2021. 

As Brits settled in for the 9pm sizzle, fingers poised, they unleashed over 8.5M Tweets around @ITV’s hit show. Throwing themselves into the heart of the action, they celebrated, giggled, and puzzled over 2021’s love birds. The drama took on a new life across Twitter as the nation came together for one big love-in because TV is better when it’s watched together.

This year’s show did not disappoint, with plenty of scintillating TV moments, which lead to some wonderful Tweets.

Love Island 2021 drama rocks Twitter

Anticipation for the show’s launch was high as people began to get back out there in 2021. This sparked over 373K Tweets alone. The joy was palpable as Twitter lit up with expectations, hopes, and reflections. 

Spoiler alert. There was soon trouble in paradise after a shocking recoupling unravelled, followed by the revelation that Millie Court’s romance with Liam Reardon had been compromised by a cheeky snog with newcomer, Lillie Haynes. Twitter erupted with 350K Tweets as the nation shared its thoughts on what became one of the biggest moments on the show.

Liam wasn’t the only one in the naughty books. A surprise postcard unveiling the boys’ antics at Casa Amor got Twitter talking, as the girls digested the news. People on Twitter discussed the drama expressing their points of view with gusto. Later on in the show, living rooms across the country lit up once more following ‘movie night’ revelations that left contestants squirming and got viewers Tweeting. 

After yet another drama-filled series, Love Island drew to a close with the finale launching the winning couple into the spotlight. As 2.8M viewers tuned in to watch Millie and Liam crowned 2021 winners, #LoveIsland took over Twitter feeds once more with over 327K Tweets.

Sharing in the highs and lows

Of course, it was the Love Islanders that got viewers Tweeting. Appreciation for their quirks, the relatable relationship conundrums, and the outrageous spats glued Brits to their TVs – providing plenty of fun for Twitter posts.

But it was Faye Winter who garnered the most attention with more than 427K mentions. Her on and off lover wasn’t far behind, with Teddy Soares getting 246K mentions. The controversial couple came third in the  #LoveIsland final, followed by Kaz Kamwi and Tyler Cruickshank in fourth place. But when it came to popularity on Twitter, model and fashion blogger Kaz came in a strong second place as most mentioned contestant with over 339K Tweets. Taking the top spot for the boys, Toby Aromolaran was the third most mentioned Islander, who was featured in over 256K Tweets.

The videos that kept the nation Tweeting

When it came down to re-living the drama, the romance, and the comedy – Love Island videos took off on Twitter. Fans shared, commented, and Retweeted their favourite moments. Kaz and Tyler ‘going exclusive’ created the most interest with 1.6M video views displaying a glimpse into the twists and turns of their romance. 

Meanwhile, Abi Rawlings and Dale Mehmet’s departure from #LoveIsland was the second most-viewed video – they had to see it to believe it. But of course, Liam’s public declaration of love to Millie – sealing the deal on the winning duo – ranked highly as well.

Keeping it positive: Twitter feels the love

The nation shared in the journey of the Love Islander’s quest for romance, posting relatable comments, humorous videos, and voicing support for contestants. The Twitter conversations about  #LoveIsland outlasted the show as the audience reeled and looked to make sense of the outcome – ‘but what about Toby and Chloe?’ many questioned. Whichever camp they sat in, people on Twitter revelled in the characters, the moments, and the chance to connect with fellow fans. Over 70% of Tweets were balanced and positive – bringing out the best of the nation.

Once again, the nation’s most loved TV show from @ITV brought Brits together to uncover the sparks of new – and hopefully enduring – love. Fans from all corners swapped theories and opinions from their living rooms, just a Tweet away from the action. Demonstrating TV at its best, fans were united on Twitter. The real-time narrators and curators of this cultural moment left their mark and stated their case, wrapping up another series. Until next year, #LoveIsland.