Introducing the Birdseye Report

By Jade Furubayashi, Marketing Lead for the Twitter Official Partner Program
Trends and insights
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Industry insights and emerging 2022 trends, backed by Twitter data and powered by Official Partners.

Over the past year, businesses from across every industry have had to alter how they operate. Consumer needs and expectations have changed in many ways and businesses need to continuously learn how to pivot their strategies to adapt to these changes. Throughout all of this, consumer reaction played out in the public conversation on Twitter.

In the new Birdseye Report, eight Twitter Official Partners analyzed the Twitter conversation within and about specific industries using their best-in-breed solutions. From this analysis, our partners were able to identify emerging industry trends or notable insights to help set business up for success in 2022.

Incorporate Birdseye Report insights, drawn from both Twitter data and expert analysis, into your 2022 strategy to ensure your brand is a part of the public conversation and gets ahead of what’s happening next.

Discover the emerging and prominent trends across key industries

The Birdseye Report spans eight industries, offering valuable insights for businesses and marketing, product, and communications professionals. The industries covered include:

  • AlcBev: As bars and restaurants adapt to shifting pandemic restrictions, consumers are thirsty for change. Learn how AlcBev (Alcoholic Beverage) brands can attract customers and adapt to consumers’ evolving tastes.

  • Finance: Interest in cryptocurrencies and NFTs has taken off, with little sign of slowing down. Learn how to keep pace with a growing base of invested consumers on Twitter. 

  • Food: Food sustainability continues to be at the forefront of consumers' minds.. Unpack what’s needed to drive innovation within this industry. 

  • Health: Health continues to be a top priority and focus across the world, especially the usage of telemedicine, mental health discussion, and more. Find out how your brand can tap into these priorities in 2022. 

  • Media and Entertainment: From the big screen, to streaming services, to Asian entertainment, get an inside look into the growing trends driving Media and  Entertainment in 2022. 

  • Personal Care: People are questioning their need for hygiene staples in a post-pandemic world. Get insight into the current consumer demand and personal care product trends that will be essential for 2022.

  • Sports: Twitter conversation around sports is shifting as athletes champion social causes, the popularity of eSports rises, and more. Strengthen your strategies and widen your fan base in 2022 with these industry insights. 

  • Tech: Powerful technology was once only accessible to the largest enterprises. Now, that technology — and that power — is in the hands of consumers. Deep dive the trends that will help define the tech experience for consumers this year. 

With these industries being more competitive than ever, it’s critical to optimize your marketing, communication, and product strategies to match the needs of your consumers. Access the complete Birdseye Report and explore all the industry deep dives from our Official Partners today.

About the Twitter Official Partner Program

Official Partners are world-class companies with unparalleled access across Twitter. Our partners ensure exceptional experiences for businesses and expand what’s possible on and off Twitter. 

In order to earn and maintain the Twitter Official Partner badge and to ensure high-quality experiences for businesses, all our partners are vetted for excellence and must consistently meet our high performance standards.

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Discover trends and insights

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