Summer music festivals are back! How brands can tap in

By Jenny Bakos

Did you know 81% of Twitter users are interested in summer festivals? Specifically, they enjoy the sense of community on Twitter around big events.1

The anticipation is already building for 2022 summer music festivals. In the past year, there were more than 32 million Tweets about music festivals.2

A concert-goer (@briannaaa256) Tweets about not taking music festivals for granted.

From fandoms to industry pros, sound technicians, set designers, fashionistas, and influencers – Music Twitter is vast and interconnected. When festival attendees Tweet about their favorite artists, sets, and post photos with their concert-going friends, Twitter becomes the intersection of culture. 

Summer music festivals are a can’t-miss opportunity for brands to connect with their audience, here are some tips to make the most of this upcoming festival season.

Find your audience

When was the last time you took a deep dive into your Twitter Analytics? When clicking around, it’s important to observe what content themes are resonating well with your followers. 

For example, if your brand is considering sponsoring a particular festival event, explore the opportunity by Tweeting about that targeted event first (Polls are a great first step!).

London-based band (@fendahlene) polls their Twitter followers if they’ll be attending the Olifest music festival.

If your Tweet is warmly received with Retweets, Likes, or Comments, then that’s a great indicator that your followers are dialed into the conversation surrounding that festival. 

Testing with Tweets is a great way to gauge where your digital audience lives or travels in the real world and could give your team added confidence in sponsoring an event or attending a music festival to meet up with your community in person.

Nail polish brand (@Pleasing) alerts concert goers they'll have a booth presence at Coachella music festival.

Napa winemaker (@smithdevereux) promotes their sponsored lounge and swag giveaways that will be at the Bottle Rock music festival.

Los Angeles-based @littlewestjuice promotes their brand activation at Coachella music festival.

Join the conversation

Each music festival typically takes place over the course of one to seven days. To maximize your brand’s exposure, it’s best to set the hype train in motion sooner rather than later. 

Tweet a countdown for the start of the festival, ask your followers which performers they’re most excited to hear live, host fun giveaways, or run a paid ad campaign to increase your reach.

Incorporating engaging visuals, hashtags, and tagging appropriate brands in your Tweets is the best way to stand out in the conversation surrounding a major event and build excitement for your brand.

Phone provider (@ThreeIreland) promotes a concert ticket giveaway in conjunction with the upcoming Electric Picnic music festival.

Focus on the good

2022 marks the return of many summer music festivals around the world since the start of COVID-19. For many, this will be their first festival season with a returned sense of normalcy. Concerts are where people go to relax, have fun, and make memories with their friends.

The businesses that focus on the fun of summer concerts in their Tweets will win because they’ll be connecting with their audience exactly where they’re at: good vibes. Show the fun through emotive visuals, vibrant colors, and Tweet copy that focuses on positive emotions.

Non-profit group @LoveBrumUK Tweets about partnering with energy company (@UA_Energy) in hosting of a raffle at the Mostly Jazz Funk & Soul music festival.

Whether it’s through stellar organic Tweets or a paid advertising campaign (or both!), Twitter is the place where music festival conversation is happening, and we encourage your business to make some noise and join in on the fun!

1. Twitter Insiders, UK, Q: 'How much do you agree or disagree with these statements about following events?'. Twitter Users & Interested in Festival Season (Summer). n=606, Jan 2021

2. Twitter internal data, global data. Time Frame: 23/3/21-23/3/22. Data retrieved March 2022.


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