The secret to more effective paid campaigns? Better organic content.

By Union Metrics

From time to time, we invite industry influencers to write a guest post on our blog. We turned to our friends from @UnionMetrics to share their tips to help you stand out from the competition.

Here at Union Metrics we help measure the impact of your Tweets with in-depth engagement and listening analytics. Our findings have shown that a strong paid campaign can impact your organic Tweets' performance long after your ads stop running. But this works in reverse too — your paid campaigns can perform better if you've built up a solid organic base around your ads. Today we will be sharing three ways you can use your organic Tweets to create better Promoted Ads.

Start from a solid organic foundation

Even the best Promoted Ads can't live in a vacuum. It's critical to have strong organic and paid content that work together to meet your audience wherever they are. Before you invest heavily in Twitter Ads, make sure you're posting regularly to your Twitter account, building up a solid base you can work from.

Be sure that when someone sees one of your Twitter Ads and clicks through to your profile, there's quality content for them to see. They'll be more likely to follow your account if they see a history of Tweets. This can take time, so just keep posting and experimenting with content. Not sure what to Tweet? Here are a few Tweet ideas to help you get started.

Gather data from your organic content

The more you Tweet, the better equipped you'll be to know what resonates with your target audience. Use what you learn with your organic Tweets to create better Promoted Ads. Keep track of what works and what doesn't through Union Metrics. While some best practices will likely apply to most of your Tweets (keep it short, be relevant, add a video or picture), you'll find that there are certain things that work for your Tweets that might not apply to everyone.

You can also use organic content to find new audiences to target your paid content to. When you analyze your Tweets with Union Metrics, you'll uncover hashtags that can lead you to new audiences. Did a new hashtag result in higher engagement? Dig into the data to find related hashtags and uncover new communities. Get a list of Twitter IDs you can use for an ads audience. You may also find influential community members you can work with to reach new audiences. Start a conversation with someone new and you may be surprised what you can learn.

Use Twitter analytics to bolster all your Tweets

When you run Twitter Ads, you'll quickly see which ones perform better than others. What aspects of a Tweet lead to more clicks or Retweets? Find those successful elements to incorporate into your everyday organic content. An ad campaign is a great laboratory for testing out new ideas to see what works. In fact, you could even run a set of small tests to try out new ideas for your content to find out exactly how they perform in the real world.

Neither paid nor organic can exist without the other; you need a solid foundation of organic Tweets so that anyone visiting from an ad is enticed to stick around. By measuring your results you'll be able to take what you learn from your paid campaigns back to your organic strategy. Don't be afraid to experiment, and apply what you learn to your content strategy in the future.

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