Recurring Twitter hashtags for every day of the week

By Michelle Lee
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Every day brings a new opportunity for brands to connect to their audience and the conversations happening on Twitter. For the times when it's difficult to find something relevant to jump into, turn to day-of-the-week recurring Twitter hashtags. 

These hashtag trends have become standard and are something people look forward to. They're also evergreen and can be easily adapted to your existing content.

Here's a rundown of each day's top recurring hashtag, creative examples from all types of businesses, and tips on how your brand can tap into these conversations.

Download our 24/7 hashtag worksheet to brainstorm your own Tweets for each of these conversations.

Monday: #MondayMood

The hashtag #MondayMood was Tweeted almost 350,000 times in 2021 alone.1 With #MondayMood you can share a healthy dose of positivity, humor, or excitement about the week ahead. Think uplifting content, productivity tips, or full transparency about the need for a double caffeine hit to get the week started.

@BambluSleep sends their followers some caffeine-inspired well wishes to kick the week off. 

Tuesday: #TransformationTuesday

#TransformationTuesday is all about before-and-after or progress photos that show improvement over time. Originally used in the fitness community, this trend is most easily adaptable for the home improvement industry. It can also be used to show brand evolution over time, and feature success stories from happy customers.

@urban_splash shares the progress made over 20 years of regeneration work. 

Wednesday: #WednesdayWisdom

#WednesdayWisdom was Tweeted more than 590,000 times in 2021.2 #WednesdayWisdom is a weekly opportunity to share tips, best practices, and general words of wisdom with your audience. It’s also a chance to highlight quotes, data, and thought leadership pieces.

@CompugenInc shares their blog about sustainable initiatives for IT brands. 

Thursday: #TBT

There were 4.9 million #TBT Tweets in 2021.3 #TBT (short for Throwback Thursday) gives people the opportunity to share photos or thoughts about a “throwback” to an earlier time. It’s a fun way to share past photos or express nostalgia.

For brands, it’s a chance to highlight important firsts or innovations in your company’s history or share fun facts about your company’s past.

@mazdaukpr shares a throwback to an early car model with some beautiful photos. 

Friday: #FridayFeeling

In 2021, there were over 1.3 million #FridayFeeling Tweets.4 Everybody loves the weekend, and this recurring hashtag gives your brand the chance to tap into those happy feelings and weekend vibes. Share your plans for the weekend or well wishes for your followers to boost their #FridayFeeling.

@TitanicHotelLiv shares their #FridayFeeling and wishes its followers a good weekend. 

Saturday: #Caturday

Saturdays are for the cats in this hashtag trend. For those of us lounging at home with our furry friends, this couldn't be more relatable. 

For brands, this is a great opportunity to showcase your office pets, pet-themed products, or a twist on how your products can be used by furry companions. And with over 1.8 million #Caturday Tweets in 20215, there’s plenty of reason to include this hashtag in your content.

@Hill_Libraries shows off a VIP employee for #Caturday.

Sunday: #SundayFunday

The weekends are always over too soon. #SundayFunday represents one last hurrah to the weekend before heading into another week. 

It's a great chance for brands to get creative and share their final weekend thoughts, plans, and wishes – or provide followers with a way to end their weekend with a bang.

#SundayFunday was Tweeted over 660,000 times in 20216, so there are plenty of people out there hoping to share the last of the weekend fun each week.

@IsshoLDS invites followers to a sweet ending to their weekend with Sunday lunch at its rooftop restaurant.

Looking for more creative ways to connect with your Twitter followers? Check out our small business resources or our agency resources to help you brainstorm your own content, and follow us @TwitterBusiness for more tips and best practices.

1-6.  Source: Twitter internal data, global data. Time Frame: 1/1/21-12/31/21. Data retrieved March 2022.


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