Recurring Twitter hashtags for every day of the week


Every day brings a new opportunity for brands to connect to their audience and the current conversations happening on Twitter. For the times when it's difficult to find something relevant to jump into, turn to day-of-the-week recurring hashtags. These trends have become standard and are something people look forward to. They're also evergreen and can be easily adaptable to your existing content.

Here's a rundown of each day's top recurring hashtag, creative examples from all types of businesses, and tips on how your brand can tap into these conversations.

Download our 24/7 hashtag worksheet to brainstorm your own Tweets for each of these conversations.

Monday: #MotivationMonday

Participating in this hashtag kicks off the week with inspirational content for your audience. Share a healthy dose of positivity on #MotivationMonday by sharing uplifting content, productivity tips, or well wishes for the work week ahead.

Athletic shoe brand @topoathletic shares a video from their blog on how to stay active at home.

People management platform @LatticeHQ partnered together with another tech company to share tips on work productivity.

Bedding company @nanusleep shares a motivational quote from their branded sleep guru.

Tuesday: #TransformationTuesday

#TransformationTuesday takes effect with before-and-after photos that show improvement over time. Originally used in the fitness community, this trend is most easily adaptable for the home improvement industry. It can also be used to show brand evolution over time, and feature success stories from happy customers.

Window and door manufacturer @AndersenWindows shares a before-and-after post of their client's home transformation, featuring their products.

Pet food company @PrimalPet shares photos of one of their happy, healthy, and furry customers.

Snack company @FarmRichSnacks takes a creative spin on this hashtag by sharing inspiration for transforming your salad bowl.

Wednesday: #WednesdayWisdom

#WednesdayWisdom is a weekly opportunity to share tips, best practices, and general words of wisdom with your audience. It’s also a chance to highlight quotes, data, and thought leadership pieces.

Coffee connoisseur @tradecoffeeco highlights educational content on their website.

Banking service @MoneyLion jumps into the trend to share expert advice.

Thursday: #TBT

#TBT (short for Throwback Thursday) gives people the opportunity to share photos or thoughts about a “throwback” to an earlier time. It’s a fun way to share past photos or express nostalgia.

For brands, it’s a chance to highlight important firsts or innovations in your company’s history or share fun facts about your company’s past.

Christmas tree company @balsamhill stays relevant in their off-season by sharing some Christmas spirit and magic in a throwback post.

Organic yogurt brand @Stonyfield shares a piece of their past and founding story in this #TBT tribute.

Beauty brand @boxycharm engages its followers by crowd-sourcing throwback makeup selfies.

Friday: #FridayFeeling

Everybody loves the weekend, and this recurring hashtag gives your brand the chance to tap into those happy feelings and weekend vibes. Share your plans for the weekend or share a GIF to express your true #FridayFeeling.

Beauty brand @TheCremeShop shares a lighthearted GIF to celebrate the end of the work week.

Chocolate company @seedandbean gets their followers thinking of the weekend by sharing their must-haves, starting with chocolate of course.

Tech company @MiroHQ joins this trend by plugging their service as the solution to someone's request.

Saturday: #Caturday

Saturdays are for the cats in this hashtag trend. For those of us lounging at home with our furry friends, this couldn't be more relatable. For brands, this is a great opportunity to showcase your office pets, pet-themed products, or a twist on how your products can be used by furry companions.

Furniture company @roomandboard showcases a pet-friendly use of one of their products.

Sock brand @sockshopuk features their adorable line of cat-themed socks.

Weighted blanket brand @gravityblankets shares a photo of a happy, furry customer napping on their product.

Sunday: #SundayFunday

The weekends are always over too soon. #SundayFunday represents one last hurray to the weekend before returning back to Monday. It's a great chance for brands to get creative and share their final weekend thoughts, plans, and wishes -- until next week.

Hot sauce company @saucy_mahi shares their favorite weekend treat, featuring their products.

Organic soap brand @Little_Soap_Co shares their top tips for an enjoyable weekend.

Children's entertainment brand @carebears shares a positive, family-friendly message.

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