Mini-episode: Q&A with our very own Social Media Coordinator

By Lindsay Bruce

Social Media Management is a colorful field that lies in a rather grey area. The role means different things to different teams and, with a wide variance of resources, there really isn’t a single tool or methodology shared by all — and really, there shouldn’t be. Because social media management is best when tailored when not asking “what is the best time to Tweet on Twitter?” but “when is the best time for our brand to Tweet on Twitter?”

On our new episode of Character Count, we sit down with the person who asks these kinds of questions for our own account, @TwitterBusiness, and hear her thoughts on things like:

Social listening:

"[I use] Twitter and Tweetdeck. Every morning I just, within Twitter, natively, read all of our notifications and then I'll go into Tweetdeck to monitor conversations around us when people aren't necessarily mentioning us, and just larger industry conversations."

The perfect length to run a Twitter Poll:

"Two days, and after the first day re-share it again and remind people there's time left."

...and a time she had to (*cringe*) Tweet-and-delete.

"One time I Tweeted an image and I noticed immediately that there was like a typo on it, and that's when I learned: when you're creating images with text, take all the text copy and put it in any sort of word doc — something with spell check —and make sure that everything is correct, because some of the image programs won't do it."

Tune in to the full episode for more, including discussions on scheduled vs. live Tweets, tools for creating video content, and the phrase of marketing jargon Lindsay will *never* Tweet from @TwitterBusiness

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