Q&A: How B2B brand Airtable sees success on Twitter

By Marissa Window

Recent research shows that cost-per-ad engagement on Twitter have declined by 42% YoY while ad engagements increased by 75% YoY.* Read on to learn how a B2B brand uses Twitter Ads to achieve their marketing goals.

Being a B2B marketer doesn't mean your social media feeds need to be filled with dense whitepapers and reports. There are plenty of interesting ways your B2B brand can share your story.

One B2B brand that stands out with their engaging organic and paid content is San Francisco based collaboration platform @airtable. We chatted with their marketing team to learn about their Twitter strategy.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

Zoelle Egner: I’m the head of customer success, and I also manage our content strategy. 

David Peterson: I work on all things growth, from marketing to content to partnerships.

Tell us a bit about Airtable.

Airtable is the all-in-one collaboration platform. With a friendly interface and flexible structure, Airtable doesn’t dictate your workflow: it empowers you to work exactly the way you want.

What does a typical workday look like for you?

We all work across the entire marketing funnel. On a typical day, we’re planning and implementing new digital marketing campaigns, working with partners on co-marketing efforts, and optimizing our efforts.

How does Twitter fit into your marketing mix?

We have customers across all industries, including media and marketing. We find that our target audiences have a particular affinity for Twitter, so it's a key distribution platform for our longer form content. Also, we're lucky enough to have a highly passionate fanbase who often take to Twitter to voice their enthusiasm for our brand. 

What are a few Tweet examples that you think really capture the brand? 

Airtable may be a tool that people use to organize their work, but we’re not a traditional B2B product. We have everyone from cattle farmers, to fashion designers, to Fortune 500 executives, using Airtable every day to manage their work. At our very heart, we’re a company that’s all about empowering human creativity, and we hope that shines through.

Here are a few of our favorite examples:

You do a great job incorporating your customers’ Tweets throughout your marketing. How does customer feedback influence your business decisions and marketing efforts?

Airtable has grown quickly (30K+ organizations and counting) because we empower everyone, no matter your role or technical ability, to build workflows that enable you to work exactly the way you want. We think that's why we see so many customers advocating for Airtable so publicly. 

Twitter is a natural place for our customers to shout out about us to their followers, and for us to follow and engage organically in those conversations. We’re constantly participating in conversations with our customers, and their feedback certainly impacts the way we prioritize features, the way we talk about the product, and our future marketing efforts.

@airtable features Tweets from customers on their homepage.

How do Twitter Ads play a role in your marketing strategy?

Twitter is particularly valuable for us because it is a nexus for professionals from the agency, marketing, and media worlds, who comprise an influential segment of our customer base.

How do you plan and create Twitter Ads that will resonate with your target audience? 

We've found that Tweets with creative ad copy that matches the vibrancy of our brand tend to resonate with our target audience. In particular, we see a lot of success with ad creatives that show off our product, since our company is highly design-focused and our product really does speak for itself.

What results have you seen with Twitter Ads? 

We've seen many Fortune 2000, agency, and media vertical customers discover and engage with our brand via Twitter Ads.

Any final tips for brands on Twitter?

Be authentic. More than other channels, Twitter is about direct engagement and conversation with your users, so authenticity is key. 

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