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Make your audience proud this Pride Month

Twitter is where impactful, passionate, important, and fun LGBTQ+ conversations happen all year round, and even more so during the month of Pride. Pride month is an opportunity for brands to come to Twitter to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community and queer culture.

In the UK, 68% of people on Twitter interested in Pride Month will follow what's happening on Twitter. And one in two LGBTQ+ 18-24s use Twitter to stay informed with what’s going on.1

In 2021, the month of June saw 715K Tweets about #Pride in the US alone2.

People that use Twitter believe that brands should get involved with social issues – 82% say brands should use their position to affect positive change in society and 79% feel that brands have a real opportunity to make change happen through purpose campaigns.3

It’s important that brands show up during the month of Pride – but it’s equally important that it’s done in an authentic way – consumers are smart to brands that are merely sending a Pride Tweet as a check-box exercise.

It's all about sincerity. People in our community are smart and will be the first to call you out if something is insincere or just pandering. Twitter is all about words, but being true allies is all about actions. So don't think about "how do we advertise during Pride?" Instead take a holistic approach and ask "is our company supporting the LGBTQIA+ community year round, and if so what is the work that we need to do to show that?

Sal Mattos, Customer Success Partner [SMB] and Social Chair, Twitter Open

Below, we’ve got ways your brand can take part in Pride, and examples of businesses that are already doing it well.

Join the conversation and the celebration

Brands have the opportunity to amplify the messages of Pride by connecting with the conversation. Many feel Pride is becoming overly corporate, with much of the loudest Pride messaging not coming from the community itself. 

Brands can avoid this by joining in the conversations already happening within the community. Some key themes in the LGBTQ+ community include queer celebation, support and solidarity, sharing real-life experiences, and allyship.

The Toronto Zoo (@TheTorontoZoo) celebrates Pride by organizing themed events throughout the month of June.

Promote the cause, not just the products 

Rather than promoting your products or special offers for Pride, your followers will want to hear about how your brand is supporting the cause. If a portion of your profits will be donated to an LGBTQ+ organization or group for instance, be sure to share this.

@Harrys created a limited edition pride set with 100% of profits to established charities.

Skincare brand Glow Recipe (@GlowRecipe) will be donating profits from their Pride Watermelon Toner to LGBTQ+ non-profit organizations.

Include members of the LGBTQ+ community 

If planning a campaign for #Pride, ensure people who identify as LGBTQ+ are included and have input in the campaign from the outset. 

Pride month is also a great time to amplify LGBTQ+ voices – whether they’re your own employees or people outside your business.

@Crocs celebrate Pride by putting their own LGBTQ+ employees at the forefront and amplifying their voices.

@EatBobos share their new Pride packaging, created by an LGBTQ+ artist. 

Pride is more than a month

During Pride month there are extra celebrations of queer life, businesses, culture, art, and initiatives. This is great – but Pride and allyship don’t have a time constraint. If your brand celebrates and contributes to the community reinforce this in your Tweets all year-round, and especially during Pride.

@fluidebeauty celebrates the LGBTQ+ community year-round, highlighting Trans Day of Visibility by speaking to their models about how important the day is to them.

Take a look at our Global Connect Calendar to stay on track with the timeline of other events, occasions, and conversations unfolding on Twitter.

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