Pro Tips for Creators

Creators drive conversation and culture on Twitter.

Two-thirds of people on Twitter agree that creators shape and change culture. Twitter empowers creators to connect directly with their audience, discover emerging content and trends, and build communities only found on the platform. As drivers of conversation, creators foster impact through the projects and influence they share #OnlyOnTwitter.

Here are some top tips for joining the conversation.

Post native media

Videos, GIFs, and photos perform best on Twitter. The more media forward content you feature on your timeline, the more engagement you’ll see on your tweets.


Pro tips:


  • Auto-looping video content (under :60s) encourages your audience to view content in full, driving video completion rate and pushing your content to new audiences with increased engagement. 
  • Consider using captions on your videos to reach viewers who may be on the go and seeing your content with the sound off. 
  • More into posting photos? You can now rearrange your photo carousel to achieve the perfect visual effect.
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Connect with what’s happening — or create your own conversation!

Twitter is what’s happening, and you can start by being reactive to the conversation that’s happening around you. Explore trending topics and follow people you are interested in.


Pro tips:


  • Capitalize on trending topics with relevant content and commentary.
  • Use threads to segment a story or add context to previous Tweets.
  • Lists can be helpful to develop custom timelines around topics on Twitter. Build lists and pin them to Home so you can easily swipe to access them.
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Interact daily

People come to Twitter to connect with their favorite creators on a human level. Engage with fans by liking, Retweeting, or directly replying to content. Spark a conversation with an open question or reply to a friend or fellow creator’s Tweet.


Pro tips:


  • Retweet with media for a quick and easy way to express how a Tweet makes you feel.
  • Ask questions or use Twitter Polls to better understand your audience and their vibe.
  • Go live to give fans a glimpse into your life in real time.
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