Meet "Character Count," the @TwitterBusiness podcast

By Joe Wadlington

Nothing moves faster than Twitter. So it’s no surprise that the vibrant creativity there also changes at Tweet-speed. Every week there are new memes, joke formats, movements, and topics. It can be a lot to keep up with, especially if you are a brand that wants to engage with this passionate audience in the right way.

To help our advertisers feel supported and inspired we wanted to feature the expertise of some of our favorite Twitter Ads masters, as well as some people on the @TwitterBusiness team.

Enter: Character Count.

In each episode of Character Count, we will talk to the people behind some of Twitter's most interesting advertising stories. We'll ask how they built such effective campaigns and why Twitter's influential and valuable audience matters so much to them.

We'll hear how @MontereyAq uses memes to raise ocean awareness, how @Dropbox builds warmth with their customers, how @SimonBooks brought a legacy brand online — and more.

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