How to plan for success in 2017

Joe Wadlington
By Joe Wadlington
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New Year's Resolutions are in the air, but they aren't just for personal goals. You can use the tide of new beginnings to reflect on the big things you'd like your business to get into this year. Read on for a few reminders of why planning now will benefit your year, or Tweet us your 2017 to-do list @TwitterBusiness.

Write it down

Writing down your goals increases the likelihood that you will accomplish them. Sure, the physical reaction of writing brings the goals to the front of your mind, and helps them linger in your memory — similar to the importance of taking notes in a meeting. But, as we use pen and paper less and less, writing something down feels formal. The action of contemplating your goals and committing them to paper will make them more solid and real. Check out this Forbes article for more on the benefits of writing your goals down. 

Give your employees a destination

Hopefully, the goal of your projects is very clear to you. (You repaint the store front to bring in curious foot traffic, you Periscope your creation process to increase brand awareness, etc.) But they may not be clear to those around you. (Should they choose bright, yellow packaging because you want your products to stick out or choose sleek, black packaging because you want your products to appear high quality? Which does the company need?) 

Your goals may not always be obvious if you don't communicate them externally and clearly. By narrowing down and focusing on a few big bets for the year, the people working around you can be clear on your overall path and use their own work to aide the common goal. Communicating your goals ensures that everyone is working toward the same destination.

Celebrate your milestones

Making goals clear and public means that, when you beat them, you get to celebrate. It's a bigger victory to fill a sales thermometer that's been on the wall all quarter or launch a product that everyone collaborated on, than to make-up milestones as you pass them. Imagine your business in December of 2017, Tweeting a picture of a fully crossed out "Goals of 2017" to-do list. Making firm goals and communicating them sets you up to talk about success and what business doesn't want to talk about their success?

Don't be afraid to dream big for 2017. With prior planning, you'll be amazed at what can happen. And we'd love to hear about your big plans @TwitterBusiness.

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