Leveraging key editorial moments, from award shows to cover stories.

Twitter has changed the way the entertainment industry works and how publishers can connect directly to their audiences: in real-time, direct and ever-creative ways. Very often, entertainment publishers find themselves working with VITs (aka Very Important Tweeters) via editorial content, events, campaigns, or collaborations. Such opportunities open up a world of possibilities, and so many memorable moments have come to fruition from VITs connecting with their audiences on Twitter. 


Whether it be a 34-strong cast of “Hamilton,” including Lin-Manuel Miranda, coming together for a global Twitter watch party to celebrate the Disney+ launch of the show, resulting in a #1 global trend, millions of Tweets along with extensive press pickup, or stars communicating directly with their fans via Twitter Q&As, as is the case weekly with “RuPaul’s Drag Race UK,” there is huge potential for creativity and engagement. 


Here are some of the artistic routes you can explore when partnering with talent to drive conversation on Twitter.

Authentically connect with your audience

Whether used by an actor, athlete, journalist, or musician, the Twitter VIT app offers a simple way of engaging with fans in a wholly unique and interactive way. Paired with the promotion of a new show, event, cover story, or album, it can be a highly effective tool in generating buzz and conversation, with minimal time required of talent and an “in-pocket, anytime, anywhere” solution.

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The joy of shared experience

“Watch” and indeed “listening parties” have continued to grow in popularity and success, as people across the world have looked to connect and find moments of levity together. By partnering with the stars, creators, writers, or even superfans of new movies and shows, iconic albums, and nostalgic milestones, a new formula has emerged which has proven to bring great joy and insight to our timelines. Again, the direct-to-fan nature of conversation and sharing which becomes possible is unparalleled in its ability to drive awareness of and affection for any given event.

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Own the narrative

People come to Twitter to start, read, and join conversations about what’s happening, and by finding and embracing your place within that conversation, powerful outcomes can ensue. Using a feature such as conversation settings, for example, conversations can start and flow in ways that weren’t possible before. A conversation can be limited to two or more people, reducing noise and increasing the ability of the exchange to stand out in fans’ timelines. The format can lend itself to one-to-one conversations or interviews, moderated discussions and/or Q&As, or panel discussions — the creative possibilities are endless.

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Your Tweets, your voice

What better way to get inside your favorite song, novel, plotline, or interview than via the voice of its protagonist(s)? Voice Tweets give the VITs you’re working with the ability to add new dimensions of personality, flair, or intimacy to any given project or conversation — and all with the simple tap of a button. To get started, hit the “compose” button within your Twitter app, tap the purple soundbars, and talk, sing, whisper, or rap your message.

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