Need Tweet inspiration?: 20 creative ideas for your brand to Tweet

By Camilla Dudley
Businesspeople brainstorming with creative ideas

It can be tough to create fresh and engaging content every single day. We've all been there. That’s why we’ve gathered these 20 Tweet ideas for when your creative juices aren't following.

Tweet a Twitter Poll. Encourage your audience to engage with your brand by asking them to weigh in on a topic.

Tap into trending topics. Participate in larger conversations by seeing what's trending on Twitter and connecting your brand to the current conversation.

Give a holiday greeting. From Christmas to National Donut Day, there’s always a holiday you can Tweet about.

@luby's celebrates #NationalCheeseLoversDay with a picture.

Market a product. Tweet a photo of your product, announce new product lines or features, or talk about the problem your products help solve.

Spotlight an employee. Show your own staff — and your customers — that you value your employees. People love hearing insider tips and seeing who's behind the screen.

Ask your audience for feedback. Give your followers the opportunity to help shape your brand by asking what they love most (and dislike most!) about your products, and any suggestions they have. Some of your best ideas can come straight from your customers. 

@burstoralcare highlights their family of products while asking customers what they'd add.

Showcase a customer. Whether they’re a brand loyalist or recently accomplished something incredible, give a shout-out to your top customers, or share a success story from your audience.

Share industry news. Find an article about your industry you find interesting. Tag the author and ask your followers to weigh in with their opinion.

Start a contest. Have some fun by starting a friendly Twitter competition. Have customers Tweet a photo of themselves using your product or give customers a chance to name your next product.

Mobile finance app @HelloDigit shares positive news about their company.

Demonstrate a tutorial. Show your customers how easy-to-use your products or services are. This is especially useful for less-intuitive ideas and is a great idea for a video Tweet!

Share your achievements. Have you hit 10,000 followers? Are you celebrating a work anniversary? Acknowledge your success and thank your followers for their ongoing support and loyalty.

Answer FAQs. If you’re repeatedly getting asked the same questions by your customers or can anticipate the need for information, be proactive and answer them in a quick Tweet or blog post.

@DCHHS knows they'll be many questions about the vaccination process and gets ahead of them with a step-by-step graphic.

Spread positivity. Toss some humor and fun into the mix by telling a joke or sharing a meme. 

Share a fun fact. From company history to professional milestones, help your customers learn more about your business. Type it out or use Voice Tweets to tell the story.

Tease an upcoming event or product. If you’re planning to release a new product or update, drop some hints to build suspense. 

Update your followers. If an item is back in stock, your website crashed, or your store hours change — Tweet about it to keep your customers in the loop and let them know they can rely on your Twitter for the latest news.  

Share “behind-the-scenes” content. Give your followers a quick glimpse of how your products are made.

Advertise a new promotion. Create a Twitter-exclusive coupon, or enter everyone who Retweets your Tweet in a raffle. Consider creating a Twitter Ad to reach new customers.

@nalgene water bottle company Tweets a limited-time offer.

Highlight your company culture. Share photos of your latest work party or host a Twitter Space to chat with your followers in real time.

Respond to mentions. If your customers have been talking about your brand, make sure to acknowledge what they’re saying. This is also a great way to answer questions and start a conversation. Find more community management tips here.

With these Tweet ideas as inspiration, you'll be on your way to building a dynamic Twitter presence that resonates with your customers. Get started with a Twitter Ads campaign today to engage with your audience. 

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