Learn how to create a Twitter Moment that appeals to your audience.

Twitter Moments allow creators to tell a story that goes beyond a single Tweet. Moments can highlight your best Tweets, mark your favorite videos and photos, tell an extended joke, or share your unique perspective on relevant events in a way that can’t be captured in a single post.

By creating and curating your own unique Moments, you can engage and build your Twitter audience. Here are some tips and a few questions to ask yourself as you create your Moment.


What interests my audience?

What’s fascinating to you in any given moment may not necessarily be interesting to your followers. Before you create a Moment, give thought to the kind of content your fans are more likely to engage with.

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What story am I trying to tell?

A great Moment has a clear and compelling narrative. You need to establish a beginning, middle, and end to your story, so your followers have a reason to keep swiping and scrolling.

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How can I illustrate my story?

More than anything, images can really bring a story to life. Be sure to post your photos and videos natively to Twitter, and use Moments to compile them for your followers.

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