How to: Make a Twitter Moment that shows off your year

Joe Wadlington
By Joe Wadlington

You've probably seen Twitter Moments before. If not, hit the ️  icon at the top of your Twitter page and see collections of Tweets covering new trends on Twitter.

Moments are created to group notable Tweet conversations, cultural memes, live commentary, or just collect Tweets that tell a nice story together.

Still not familiar? Take a look some of the current Moments.

Everyone can make Moments. And with 2016 coming to a close, a lot of businesses, people, and organizations will make a Moment to showcase their most memorable Tweets of the year. We'll show you how. But first! Here are some suggestions for which updates might fit nicely in your Moment.

  • Changes to your physical store or office: highlight renovations, the infamous ceiling leak of spring '16, your winter window display, your office's messy desk contest, or your business's curb appeal

  • Employees doing their thing: collect Tweets from employees positively talking about their job, celebrating their first days or promotions, hanging out with their co-workers or family, or giving back to the community

  • Product or service news: brag about new products you added to your inventory or services you started offering, events or launches, updated logos or website redesigns, anything new that you didn't have the year before

  • Company success: showcase big picture victories like 10 year anniversaries, landmark increases in profit, galas, new branch openings, big brand pivots, hitting your 10,000th customer, or 5th employee

  • Good reviews: share positive reviews or ratings from your website or apps, pictures of people enjoying your product or service, good customer service conversations, customers Tweeting about their love for you, or Tweets from happy partners

  • Finally, media-heavy Tweets look the best in Moments. So dig up those Tweets with great videos, GIFs, and pictures
  1. Go to the Moments tab on Twitter.
  2. Click the create icon circled above.
  3. Give your Moment a click-worthy title. Add a description if necessary.
  4. Click "Finish later".
  5. You can now add any Tweet to that moment simply by clicking the more button (circled below) and selecting the desired Moment in the drop down.
  6. When you've added the Tweets you want, go back to the Moments tab to select a cover photo, reorder your Tweets, and add descriptions if the Tweets need context.
  7. Publish your new Moment and do a victory dance.

Great job! Check out our Help Center article on Moments if you need more info, and please Tweet us @TwitterBusiness when you're done. We can't wait to see what you did with this year!

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